Thursday, May 17, 2012

{MoM} My Twin Pregnancy

This week I'm linking up with Jennifer for the Moms of Multiples weekly link-up!  This week's topic is multiple pregnancies, so here is my story.

I loved being pregnant.  It was fun to watch my belly grow, knowing that they were 2 little boys growing in there as well.  I was never sick, and I felt great the whole time.  The only times that were a little rough were the last few weeks before delivery.  I started to get swollen feet, was sore all over and just had a hard time doing normal tying my shoes, or bending over to grab things, or just walking somewhere without hitting someone with the ginormous lump on my body.  I really didn't feel the boys moving around until about 22 weeks.  I guess they really didn't have much room to move in the beginning, and I couldn't feel anything until they grew enough to have the strength to give big kicks.  But man they kicked a lot.  It made me smile all the time, it was so fun.  

It surprised me more and more everyday just how big my belly stretched out to be.  I just kept thinking "Surely this thing can't get any bigger".  But it kept getting bigger. and bigger.  We wanted to have a little fun when finding out the genders of our twins, so we had a gender reveal party, where we had the determining ultrasound, but instead of the tech telling us the babies' gender, she wrote it down, and sealed it in an envelope.  We gave that envelope to a friend of ours, and she had a double layer cake made, the cake corresponding with the color of the twins' genders.  We (still not knowing the gender) sliced into the cake at a party with all of our friends, and we all found out together that we were having twin boys!  I immediately started working on my boys' nursery, which I based off of the children's book, The Giving Tree.  You can see the nursery here.  

I ended up delivering my twins at 37 weeks and 2 days.  Both my boys were born very healthy, and for that I am very thankful.  You can read my birth story here and here.

Foxx and Judah were 6 lbs 2 oz, and 5 lbs 3 oz, respectively.

I look at them even today and wonder how in they heck these growing little dudes started out as tiny little beans in my belly.  

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  1. Just found you from the twin mom link up. Always a moment of mom-geekery when I run into another "crunchy" mom. Love your blog. Your boys are adorable!