Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Post from Eat.Live.Make

I'm excited to introduce my first guest blogger to you today!  Meghan and I were suite-mates in college, and it's fun to stay in touch through our blogs.  She has a beautiful little blog about gluten free-casein free eating with delicious recipes, green living, DIY crafts, and more.  Go check it out!  


I am thankful to be able to have the opportunity to guest post on Sarah's fun blog today! 
I blog over at Eat.Live.Make, mostly about gluten free living. 
Since I don't have little kiddos and don't have fun stories to tell about them, I wanted to share something that's been on my heart. 
It is my hope that it will challenge you all (as it is challenging me) to look at those around you in a different light. 
I have struggled with my body image, and the perception of myself for as long as I can remember. 
I am my own worst critic, and my hardest judge. 
When I was in college, I got a tattoo that says "Imago Dei" which is translated "image of God".
I did this to remind myself that I am perfect to my Father  because I was beautifully crafted and created in His own Image. 
Lately, I have been re-processing the thought of being created in the image of God. 
I have learned to view myself through this lens, but what about the people I come into contact with?
What about my husband? My friends? My family? 
How would things change if I learned to look that them as being part of the God that  I love so much. 
Part of His beauty and His intricate plan. 
Would this change the patience I have with  people I worked with? 
Would this change the grace I give my husband when we have disagreements? Knowing that He is  wonderfully made in God's image, and that deserves my kindness, grace and forgiveness? 
It is so easy to see God reflected in the smiles and giggles of children. I love being close to them because I am reminded of God's purity and of his tenderness. 
For some reason this gets lost on me when I am going head-to-head with an adult, like my sister. I forget  that she, too, is created by the same God that created me. And she is beautiful and is reflecting God's image just as much as my little nephew does. 
I am just wondering how things would change if we were intentional about seeing ourselves and others though the lens that God sees us. 
To Him , we are perfect. To Him, we are beautiful and so deserving of His love,  grace and mercy. 
Would this change the way we  treat our children and neighbors? Strangers? 
I think it would change things. 
I think it would make me a kinder and more compassionate person.


Would you like to guest post on my blog?  I'd love to have you!  Email me at if you're interested.  And don't forget to go check out Meghan's blog here!

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