Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part 2 Of My Birth Story; The Cesarean Section

If you haven't read part 1 of my birth story, start here.

So I agreed to the cesarean.  As soon as I said yes, all the doctors and nurses cleared the way and a whole crew of new doctors and anesthesiologists come running in the room like a code was going on.  I was immediately surrounded by 5 or 6 medical personnel, my arms are being grabbed and poked with needles as new IV's are started, more fluids hooked up, and tubes and wires are attached to my arms and chest.  I could no longer see my family in the room because I was surrounded by all these new people and was being asked a million questions all at once.

"Can you please state your name and birthday?"
"How much do you weigh?"
"Can you feel this?"
"How about this?"
"Does this hurt?"
"Is this cold?"
"Can you feel my hand?"
"Do you know where we are? what time it is? what day it is?"

(some guy in the background rattling off side effects of medications)

All of this happened soooo ridiculously fast, it really felt like I was all of sudden thrown into a whirlwind and all went blurry.  I was scared out of my mind.  The lady that kept asking me if I could feel different stuff and whether or not it hurt, I kept trying to tell her, "Yes, I can feel that.  Yes, it hurts when you pinch me."  There was so much going on that I really don't think she heard me.

Next thing I know I am in the operating room, lying flat on my back, a nasal cannula (oxygen) in my nose, a curtain draped in front of my face, IV poles and fluid bags hanging above my head, and a anesthesiologist next to my head.  I see Jeremy walk through the door and come sit next to me.  He's dressed all in blue surgical scrubs.  He's smiling.  I'm not.  I'm so scared.  A lady again starts to pinch my legs, belly and chest, asking about what I can feel and what I can't.  She said that I should only be able to feel pressure.  I said that I could feel her pinching.

The guy next to me begins to tell me that I may feel a lot of pressure in my abdomen, but that I shouldn't feel any pain and that if I needed anything or felt weird, to let him know.  He was nice.  There is a lot of haze in here also, but things are going ok.  They have started the procedure and I am talking to Jeremy, trying to stay calm.  I start to feel pain.  Not pressure, I felt pain.  Sharp, stabbing pains that were escalating.  I told the guy next to me.  He said, it should be just pressure.  "It's more than pressure!"  I said.  No one did anything.  (I don' remember much of this, this is Jeremy's report).  I started screaming and screaming, very loudly.  Then people started doing something.  They started pumping me full of fast acting pain meds.  My upper body started convulsing.  Jeremy was freaking out and thought I was seizing. The anesthesiologists told him it was just because of the medicine.

This was around the same time that the boys were born.  I remember hearing a cry.  Jeremy went around the corner.  I couldn't feel the pain anymore, but I was extremely nauseated.  A nurse puts a vomit dish and suction catheter up to my mouth.  Jeremy comes back around the corner and says "Judah has sideburns!"  He had to repeat it like 5 times because I was so drugged up I couldn't understand what he was saying.  Then they called a "STAT" on baby Judah.  Apparently he wasn't breathing all that great, and they called to get help in their quicker (He ended up being just fine).  Jeremy said he was so scared at this point because I was lying on the table completely out of it and convulsing, and Judah was having trouble breathing.  He was afraid that it was just going to be him and Foxx left.  I'm not sure how much time had elapsed, but I finally got to see my babies (while still in the OR).  They were both swaddled up and put up to my chest/face.  After just a few minutes, they were taken away, and Jeremy followed them.

I don't remember anything after this until I got back into my room, and I don't know how long it was until my babies got there.  I see my babies roll into our room in their little bassinet cribs.  The nurse said something about Judah's blood sugar being low, so she gave him to me nurse him.  I did.  I felt completely drugged and out of it still, so I wasn't sure if he was getting any milk or even doing it right.  They took him back and Jeremy fed him a bottle, to try and get his blood sugar back up to normal.  It eventually got high enough.

We spent some time with our boys, taking pictures and such.  While I was being moved to the postpartum room, Jeremy went with the boys to help with their first bath.  My boys came back to my room and nothing else mattered at that point.  I had them with me, in my arms, to stay.  I breastfed them and they slept on me.

Recovery wasn't bad at all.  I was up walking very quickly after the surgery, and everyone was surprised at how easily I was moving around.  I was extremely sore, but I didn't care.  I wasn't going to just sit in that bed after everything I had just been through.  The next few days were fine.  The staff was awesome, the boys did great, I healed well.  We had lots of visitors and it was nice.

One of the days an anesthesiologist came by and took a survey from me about my c-section.  I let him know good and well that I felt pain during the surgery.  not just pressure, but pain.  He looked a little worried.

All went well and we got to go home on Sunday, the 31st.  We went home and Jeremy grilled us a nice steak dinner.  We took lots of pictures and just watched in awe as our boys slept.

And so our new lives began!

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