Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

After many awaited weeks and ultrasounds, we finally found out the sex of our twin babies.  At first we just thought that we would find out in the little ultrasound room like most people do, and didn't think much more about it other than how excited we were for it to finally be that day.  Well, after talking at dinner with some friends one night a few weeks before our big scheduled ultrasound, we decided to do something a little more fun.  I started doing some research online of different ways to reveal genders to family and friends.  While googling many different sites and ideas that included cake pops, cookies, balloons, cards, etc., I saw one couple that had a cake that was iced a neutral color, and the batter was pink/blue inside.  This is what we decided to do. But instead of us knowing the sexes ahead of time and making the cake ourselves, we decided to find out the results at the same time as all of our friends.  We video'd the cake slicing, which you can watch at the bottom of this post.

This is how it all went down.  We had our ultrasound on Tuesday, at 1:00 in the afternoon.  When we first walked in, we told the tech that we wanted her to write down the gender of the twins on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope instead of telling us what they are.  The ultrasound took forever because the twins would not hold still for long enough for her to do all her measurements and what not.  When she came to the point of looking between their legs, she told us and we turned our heads.  It was soooo hard not to look!!!  Right after the ultrasound we drove straight to our friend Jessie's house and handed her the still-sealed envelope.  That 10 minute drive was awful!  The envelope was just sitting in my purse, screaming to be opened.  But we did not open it.

That night we went to the US soccer game, trying to not think about whats inside of that envelope, and knowing that our friends in fact DO know the results.  We could hardly sleep that night, and the next day we decorated and baked and cooked all day to get ready for the party.  The party did not start until 730 pm.  My friend Jessie (the one who made the cake) decided to come over early to help us get ready for the party.  Well that was great and all, except she brought the cake with her!!!

So not only have we had to wait a day and half already not knowing, but now we had the cake sitting in front of us, and we STILL cannot touch it for 5 more hours!!!

The party was really fun.  We had little cards that had 2 babies on them and people had to color them either pink or blue according to their vote on the gender.  We also had people vote on what the twins' middle names should be.  The other thing that people voted on was to try and guess the exact date and time that the twins would be here.  The person who is the closest without going over will win a $50 gift card to a restaurant of their choice!  We had lots of food also.  Cookies, cake batter rice krispy treats, cheese straws, chocolate chip cinnamon scones, fruit and veggie trays, mini oreo cheesecakes, chips and salsa, homemade pizza rolls, and of course the cake.  We had pink and blue plates/napkins/straws and pink and blue drinks.

Alright FINALLY time to slice open the cake.

We had someone video us cutting it open so that we could send the video to our families who could not come to the party.

 The color?

BLUE!!!!!   We were sooo excited!

Jeremy apparently felt the need to feed me the cake.

After the party, we went to Walmart (only because it was the only store open that late) and bought our first baby boy clothes.  We found some really cute onesies.  We still can't believe it.  We were sure that we were going to get 2 girls just because we wanted boys so badly.  The boys names will be Judah Samuel and Foxx Thomas.

YAY for my baby boys!!!!

(This is what was inside the envelope.)

and here is the video!

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