Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Dino Hoodie


You guys.  I made this in like an hour today.  It's super easy and super cute!  The boys were so excited to wear it when I finished.  They kept trying to look back and grab the spikes while wearing it!  I don't think I've done a DIY post on here yet and I'm really trying to be more crafty and make homemade things (like our quiet book, which is still in the making!).  So here we are today with a homemade dinosaur hoodie.  


-A Hoodie
-Felt (about 2-3 pieces, depending on how big and how many "spikes" you want)
-straight pins
-sewing machine (optional)

1.  Take the hoodie, and fold it equally in half.

2.  Iron it down flat so that when you unfold it, there is a visible crease down the middle.

3.  Cut felt diamonds.  Easy way to get equal triangles?  Fold the felt page in half.  Cut a triangle with the base being the folded edge of the felt.  Cut out a couple of them, then measure up to your hoodie about how many you want/need and cut out the rest.

4.  Once you have all the felt diamonds cut out, line them up on the crease line of the hoodie, and pin them down.

5.  With a sewing machine, (or by hand),  sew a line down the crease of the hoodie and down the middle of the diamonds.  

6.  Once all of the spikes are sewn down, then fold them each up and sew them together.  I hand sewed the spikes together, since it was easier to hand sew while watching the boys, but you can also do it on the sewing machine.   

And that's it!  You then have yourself a little dinosaur.  My felt was fairly stiff, so I don't really have a problem with the spikes not standing up on their own, but I imagine you could do some interfacing to help with that.  

Super easy to make...I did it while hanging out with these two guys today :)


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    1. I imagine it would be fine, although I haven't tried myself. I've just spot cleaned it so far.