Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Day

Tennessee got snow.  WHAT?!  It happens maybe once every 2 years.  And if you're lucky, it stays for more than a day.  This year, it stayed for about half a day.  

That half a day was enough for Jeremy to (mildly) wreck his car.  Because people are crazy.  and FREAK out when it snows.  And drive even crazier than they do normally.  

We enjoyed this mini snow day by hanging out at home, and going out in it for a bit in our backyard.  My friend Katrina got the boys these really cute warm onsie outfits, so I put them in them and sent them out to check out the snow.  

Got some cute pictures too!

Little snowflakes on his eyelashes!

The boys enjoyed playing in and looking at the snow...And the picture above immediately precedes screams of panic after realizing that they're heads were stuck!  (they slid out with help no problem).

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