Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Judah's Kidney Surgery

First of all, if you're confused and wondering what's wrong with Judah's kidney, read this and this.

We had a renal ultrasound today to see if Judah's hydronephrosis had been resolved.  

Sadly, it has not.  In fact, it has gotten a little bit worse.

Below is a picture of a normal vs. hydronephrotic kidney.

This is obviously not a picture of Judah's kidneys, but it represents what hydronephrosis looks like.  We could see his normal and bad kidney's on the ultrasound, and there was  a very clear difference between the 2.  The bad kidney was extremely large and you could not distinguish any of the little cortexes and medullas like you could in his good kidney.  As soon as the tech put the probe over on his left side and a picture of the bad kidney popped up on the screen, Jeremy and I immediately looked at each other with the same disappointed/scared/sad expression on our faces.  

We knew it hadn't gotten any better, and we knew that that meant surgery for our little guy.

After the ultrasound, we went up to the urology clinic to meet with our urologist to discuss the results.  

He told us what we already knew.  Judah's kidney was still dilated severely, and he did in fact need surgery.  Since Judah's bad kidney still does have some function, they are not going to remove it.  They are going to remove the obstruction that is causing the urine to stay backed up into the kidney (the obstruction is most likely a little kink in his ureter.)  Once the obstruction is removed, our urologist is hopeful that the kidney will then be able to continue to grow and develop in an appropriate way, since there will be no obstruction to hinder that development any longer.  The kidney's function will then be reassessed later in Judah's life (not sure when, but the doc made it seem at least a few years away).  If the kidney still has little to no function at that point, then he will have the kidney removed.  

All that being said, we are not worried about the actual surgery.  It's a kidney.  It's not that big of deal surgery, and he has a second one that is perfect that will compensate just fine.

We are worried about anesthesia.  This is not outpatient surgery.  Judah will be put completely under anesthesia, and this means that he will be on a ventilator to breathe for him.  Some adults don't react well to general anesthesia, and they have fully developed bodies.  We're worried how Judah's little body (and especially lungs) will react to it.  We have lots of reassurance from our doctor, but it's still the main concern that we have.

Judah's surgery is on Monday (the 12th) at noon, and he will most likely have to stay at the hospital for 2 or 3 days.

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  1. We would like to be updated as much as you are able. We're praying for Judah, the doctors, and for you as all of you prepare for Judah's surgery on Monday. If your mother-in-law needs a break, if you want anything at the hospital, please, don't hesitate to ask!

  2. I found your blog through the Nashville Food Blog Forum. I read about your shock at having twins then followed here to see they are here and one needs surgery. I have great experience with identical twin boys. My neighbor had them 4 years ago and I fell in love at the hospital. One thing led to another and I take care of them in my home Monday through Friday. I am like a second mom. The boys are amazing, have changed my life. I will be praying for your son and stay in touch. One of the boys had a hernia and had surgery and we were all concerned, but he came through just perfect. Your boys even resemble them. Prayers your way for a perfect recovery and peace.
    Angela from