Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Our tree is up, and our house is decorated for the holidays (which, by the way, I need a lot more decorations to fill our house, but I guess that comes with collecting things over time! ). Christmas music, baked goods and movies are beginning to fill our home.  Now all we need is some snow.  Yes, I did just ask for snow.  I grew up in Michigan with snow every year, and I miss it now that I live in the south (although last year's snow was pretty awesome).  OH!  and our boys are now being sung to sleep with Christmas carols each night, and it's precious.  

Once they boys get older, I'm super pumped to make Christmas cookies with them, do fun advent calendar activities, and have the excitement that is Christmas morning.  

I have always found the Elf on the Shelf a little creepy.  But after seeing some awesome ideas for the elf on Pinterest, I'm totally going to get it for the boys.  Here are some mischievous things to do with the elf!  

Another super fun thing that I am excited to do for the boys is this:

They will have to break through their bedroom door on Christmas morning!!

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