Thursday, September 1, 2011

Judah's Kidney: An Update

If you didn't know about Judah's prenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis, read this.  The plan was to get an ultrasound after he was born to see if the issue had resolved on its own.  The ultrasound done before we left the hospital after delivery showed no improvement.  We were scheduled to have a few more invasive and detailed tests a few weeks later to determine how much function the kidney actually has, and whether or not there was an obstruction in the ureter.

We had these 2 tests yesterday.  There is indeed an obstruction in Judah's left ureter.  His right kidney is perfect.  The left one has some function, but not much.  The urologists explained it like this:  Both of the kidneys together should equal to a total of 100%.  The bad kidney is only putting forth about 25% of the work.  That's not promising news.  Our urologist says that there still is a chance of the issue resolving on its own as Judah grows.  He wants to re-do  the same tests we had done when he is 3 months old.  Until then, we wait.  If the issue has again not resolved, then our little man will have to have surgery to remove his low-functioning kidney.  

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  1. As parents it's upsetting, but the doctor seems wonderful! Prayers!