Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Santa

Here are some things that are on all of our virtual little Christmas lists...

For Judah and Foxx:

1.  Tube socks to protect our knees when we start crawling! 
2.  Airplane spoon!  This will make eating soooo much more fun.
3.  Mustache Pacifier.  Just because.
4.  Wooden guitar teether.  This will feel nice on our gums when we start teething.  And it's also a rattle!
5.  Grinch tie and suspenders onsie.  This is just awesome.
6.  Star Wars Cloth Diaper.  So daddy can begin the obsession early.
7.  Twilight turtle...he makes constellations all over the ceiling!
8.  Baby blocks.  With fun patterns!

For Jeremy:

1.  Real life Angry Birds.  How fun!
2.  TARDIS cookie jar.  Because he loves Dr. Who. and cookies.
3.  Star Wars Costume Hoodies.  Yes, he would wear these all the time. In public.  And I'd have to be seen with him.
4.  Alton Brown's cookbooks.  I swear he has a man-crush on AB.
5.  Bacon Chocolate Bar.  Every man's dream I suppose.
6.  Big Bang Theory seasons.  I would also enjoy this.
7.  Sheldon's Flash shirt.  Bazinga!
8.  Mustache Paperclips.  These are ridiculous.  But he would love them. 

For Myself:

1.  Measuring Spoons.  These are super cute!
2.  Pretty Coffee Maker...or just a carafe!
3.  Island.  Would love this for the kitchen...and I would put cute little knobs on the drawers!
4.  Candle Holder.  Love this.
5.  DIY shelves...Made out of old apple crates!  I must do this.  
6.  Coat.  This is awesome.
7.  Orange Converse Allstars.  I have them in a lot of colors, but I don't have orange!
8.  Chalkboard spice rack.  So cool.

Also, check out these Christmas and here.  They're awesome and have been playing constantly in our house!  

You can also listen to them here!

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