Friday, May 10, 2013

Cleaning with Toddlers & Talking

(This photo is from a couple months ago)

So last night after dinner, the boys and I cleaned up the entire kitchen.  The boys thought they were helping, but actually they were doing nothing, or making it worse.  But I figure it couldn't hurt to let them make a little bit more mess, and have them learn how to clean, while thinking that they are helping me.  I gave them each a rag and we all wiped down the counters and tables...They would wipe (or spread things around rather), and I would follow behind them.  They assisted me in putting dishes in the dishwasher (they actually were helpful with this!).  Then they also helped me sweep.  They thought that they were just so awesome getting to sweep the floor.  When actually all they were doing was moving around the junk, sweeping a lot of it underneath the stove, or onto the carpet of the next room.  But they had fun and I think I'll make it an after dinner routine for them.  That way they can learn a cleaning routine and hopefully continue to like doing it as they grow.   

I also need to start having them help me clean up their toys on a more regular basis.  Occasionally I'll have them help me put their cars back into their box, or the blocks back into the bag, but most of the time, it all stays there until they go to bed, then I clean it up.  They do love to throw things in the trash.  If we have trash out somewhere, they will take it and throw it in the trash, a lot of times without even being told to.  

 The boys are also talking more and more.  A lot of their words can usually only be deciphered by Jeremy and I, but they're making the effort at least.  Here is a list of words that they use often:

(they tend to drop the last syllable of their words)

"MIL" - milk
"ISH" -fish
"EAT" -eat
"APPU" -apple
"NANA" -banana
"OH BAW" -oat bar
"TOOTOW" -turtle
"BUG" -bug
"COCO" -Coco, our cat. (Conan)
"ANDY" -Andy, our other cat
"CAT" -cat
"BAW" -ball
"CA" -car
"STA" -star
"BOOBERR" -blueberry or blackberry (I'm not convinced they know the difference)
"NA NA" -night night
"PEAS" -please
"TANKOO" -thank you
"BEAR" -bear
"COW" -cow
"BAT" -bat
"PING" -pig
"FLOWA" -flower
"JOODAH" -Judah
"DOX" -Foxx (we're still working on Fs)
"DADDY" -daddy
"MAMA or MOMMY" -mommy
"POPOP" -pop pop, what they call Jeremy's dad
"MIN" -minions from Despicable Me
"AIPLAY" -airplane
"KY" -sky
"TEE" -tree
"WOCK" -rock
"WAWA or PAS" -pacifier or paci.  Not sure why they say wawa for this.
"PAPEW" -paper
"CACKER" -cracker
"TUCK" -truck
"NO" -no
"ELEPANT" -elephant
"HAT" -hat
"GO" -go
"DAYCA" -daycare
"JOO" -juice
"CHICKA" -chicken
"BYE BYE" -bye bye
"BUBBOW" -bubble
"OW SI" -outside
"OTT" -hot

I'm sure there is more but that's all I can think of at the moment!  Baby boys are growing up so fast it's ridiculous!

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