Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm finally back.

I've neglected this little space for a loooong time.  way too long.  I'm not sure why.  I kinda just got bored with it for a while.  I was over it.  I kinda took a long break from a lot of things.  We got rid of TV (just have netflix/amazon), I stopped blogging, only checked Facebook every now and then, etc.   And as of last week we've joined the bandwagon on smartphones.  Yep, we finally had to cave in.  Tossed my 10 year old flip phone and now have an iPhone.  Still unsure of how I feel about it.

But I'm back.  I've redesigned the blog, cleaned up some things, and also combined my food blog into this one.  Although it was a big task to transpose most of my recipes onto this blog and into a recipe index, it'll be much easier to have it all here in one place and only have to keep up and post onto 1 blog instead of 2.  So expect some food posts here on occasion.  I've also been doing some more DIY projects, so expect some more of those sort of posts as well.  

A lot has happened in the past year, most exciting of which is that we're pregnant again!  (although if you're reading this...I'm sure you probably already know.  old news.) But anyway, we're excited.

The past year has also been kind of a rough one.  I think I left after my last blog post about our future plans of moving to Brazil and being full time missionaries there.  Because that's where it kinda all went downhill...Long story short and lots of depressing feelings later, it doesn't seem like that is the direction that we are suppose to be going right now in life (more about that later).

So, for the welcome back post, I'll share some our favorite family photos/3 year pics/maternity pics with you.


*All photos are credited to Lane Hamilton, of Meredith Lane Photography 

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