Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Senses

Seeing:  Lots of animals at the zoo!  We went to the zoo this week, and the boys loved it.  They had so much fun wandering around and looking at all the animals.  We even got a zoo membership, so we'll be making a lot more zoo trips!

Loving:  Watching the boys explore and play outside in our yard everyday.  These guys cannot get enough of nature and I love it!

Smelling:  These tulips that we picked from our yard.  They're so pretty!  And look awesome on our table.

Laughing: At slide hair!!  And also, multi-colored poop due to my kids eating crayons.  Didn't feel the need to take or post a photo.  You're welcome.

Eating:  Homemade pizza.  Soooo easy and delicious.  Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, home-grown basil, and homemade dough.  

Dating:  Jeremy and I were able to get away last night for a day thanks to our awesome friend, Katrina.  We are HUGE Game of Thrones fans, and the Nashville Adventure Science Center was having a "way late play date",  with a Game of Thrones theme that we went to.  All the exhibits were open for us to play on and drinks were served.  It was awesome.  We played and hung out with other GOT nerds just like us!

Kayaking:  A friend and I went kayaking on the Piney River this week.  It was so cold and the owner kinda thought we were crazy, but it was fun!  I'm looking forward to this summer when it really warms up some and we can take the boys on the river!

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