Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traveling Alone With Twins (Before)

This was almost exactly a year ago.  Jeremy and I (still fat in this picture) flew to Michigan with our 5 or 6 month old twins.  We had a very smooth travel day.  We checked our bags, wore the kiddos through security, and just had a small carry on bag.  We had no poop blowouts, and no screaming breakdowns.  We had no major turbulence, no flight delays and no ear popping issues.  The boys slept or were content the whole day.  

Tomorrow,  we are flying to Michigan again, but it won't be the 4 of us.  It will only be me and the boys.  Yes, that's right, me + 2 crazy toddlers, with no other help except the (hopefully) nice people who work at the airport or other passengers who offer their assistance if they feel bad enough for me.  

I think I have it pretty well planned out.  But I also know that whenever I make plans, things usually happen the opposite way.  But here's my (tentative) plan anyway...

 Our flight leaves at 630 tomorrow morning.  I put the boys to bed an hour and a half early tonight so that they would get more sleep and be rested for tomorrow.  Waking the boys up at 4.  Feeding, changing, and heading out the door.  Jeremy will help me check my bags.  I'll carry one boy in my sling, and one boy in the double stroller.  The other seat of the double stroller will hold the car seat.  I have a small carry on bag that I can carry on my shoulder.  We'll hopefully get through security pretty easily...last year they did not make us take the babies out of carriers...hoping for the same this time.   Find our gate, grab some food for the littles, and chill till we get on the flight.  I can check in our stroller right before we board, and I'll get to be one of the firsts to board.  Ill carry both boys onto the plane, and find assistance to help carry in the car seat.  We'll get settled with one boy in my lap, and one strapped into his seat.  I have a few new toys packed in our carry on, as well as Despicable Me ready to play on the iPad.  (Have I mentioned how much the boys love the minions?!)  Hopefully I can keep them entertained for the hour and a half flight (or they'll sleep...but that's just wishful thinking.)

I'll let you know how it goes! 

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