Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Traveling Alone With Twins (After)

You guys.  I DID IT!

ok. so maybe I'm being a little dramatic.  but I just got back from a round trip of flying solo, with two toddlers.  We had just one little incident, and no major hold ups or tantrums.  I'd say that's pretty good.  And I'm glad it's over.  

If you didn't read the "before" post, you can read it here.

The night before our plane ride out, I felt like I was pretty prepared.  I had everything packed, a plan for the airport, security, flight and luggage.  We were leaving plenty early enough to give enough time for long lines and such.  I had plenty of things to keep the boys occupied on the plane instead of crying. 

On the way up there, the Nashville airport was easier to get through, but the flight was tougher.  On the way home, the Detroit airport was the tough part, and the flight was easy.  

So, the morning of:  We woke the boys about 2 hours earlier than they normally wake up.  They were fine.  We loaded up the last of our things and headed to the airport.  Got there and checked our bags no problem.  The lady who checked our bags even allowed Jeremy to go through security with us, even though he wasn't flying.  Yay!  This was a huge help, especially since the security line at Nashville was really long that morning.  We each had a kid and easily maneuvered the stroller and seat through the lines.  It took us a minute to actually get through security though...we had to fold up and put both our car seat and stroller through the xray scanner thing, then I had to take my sling off and put it through since it had a metal ring (totally forgot about that being metal).  But even with all that, it went quickly and we grabbed all our things and headed to the gate.  Since the security line was so long, we didn't have but just a few minutes at the gate before we boarded.  I got to be one of the firsts to board since I was traveling with 2 small children.  One of the flight stewardesses grabbed my carseat and put it in our seat, we all gave Jeremy a kiss and headed out.  

The majority of the flight was fine.  We were in a 3 row seat, with no one occupying the third seat.  This was nice since it gave us a little extra room.  I didn't have to worry about the person next to me getting annoyed or hit or kicked by one of my kids.  The boys did great during take off.  Slept for about 15 minutes during the flight, but then were pretty easily entertained for the remainder.  Foxx loved when the plane would go really fast during take off and landing.  He just laughed and smiled while looking out the window.  So finally landed in Detroit, and all was well. until right when we pull up to the gate, I hear a large blegh!!

I look over to find that Judah (who was sitting in the car seat next to me) had just vomited everywhere.  It was all over him, all over the car seat, all over the floor and on the plane seat.  I quickly grabbed the wipes that I had brought for diaper changes and cleaned up what I could of the giant mess while we were waiting to get off the plane.  The lady sitting behind us offered to help carry out our car seat.  I grabbed both the boys (one in a sling, and just carrying the other one), grabbed our bag, and then handed the car seat to the nice lady (warning her of the vomit, of course).  On our way out, I told one of the stewardesses what had happened and that I cleaned up what I could, but that they probably want to go back over our seats with some disinfectant wipes.  She kinda gave me a dirty look.  Really?!

Got to the luggage claim quickly and saw my parents right away.  We then had an hour and a half ride home, all smelling awful. 

The 15 minutes of flight time (out of both flights) that they slept.

On our way back to Nashville, I was for sure that the boys would sleep the whole way, since we were traveling during their typical nap time.  Well, I was not taking into account the hour and a half car drive that it takes to get from my house in Michigan to the Detroit airport.  I tried my best to keep them awake during the car ride, but that is when they slept, and therefore wouldn't sleep once we got on the plane.  But it was fine.

Checked our bags fine, but this time, there was no offer to allow one of my family members to go through security with me like they did in Nashville.  And I didn't ask.  I guess I could have, I just figured I'd be fine to do it by myself since the line wasn't that long anyway.  I went through security fine, it just took me a minute.  I had to set Foxx down next to me, with Judah still in the sling (hoping that he wouldn't wander too far-which he didn't).  Folded up the stroller and put the car seat and our bag through the scanner, took my sling off, grabbed both boys and walked through the scanner.  Grabbed our things out of the scanner, herded the boys back up-one in the sling, one in the stroller, and then we were off to our gate.

We had quite a bit of time before we boarded, so we got some lunch, and hung out at our gate.  The boys were so good here.  We sat down in a row of chairs and ate.  The boys ran around a little bit, but never wandered too far.  They were happy as could be.  After we finished lunch,  there was a lot of trash that I needed to get rid of before we got on the plane.  The trash can was just a little too far away for me to be comfortable enough to walk over to with out the boys.  So I called them and they followed me across the big walkway,  to the trashcan.  I felt a little like I was herding cattle.  I was really thankful that they were so well behaved there.  There were a lot of people, and they easily could have wandered off while I was changing or distracted with the other one.  There was another kid there with her mom.  She was probably a little older than the boys, about 2 or so.  She just screamed and screamed and kept running away from her mom and wouldn't cooperate at all.  I felt so bad for her.  Here she had one screaming kid that she can barely control, and I had 2 little boys who were being perfect.

When it was time to board, there were no stewardesses there to help me carry on my car seat, so I just took it myself.  This part was hard.  I had Judah in the sling, Foxx in my other arm, and I was carrying our bag on my shoulder and the carseat in my hand.  I'm pretty sure I knocked that car seat on every plane seat that we passed, including a first-class passenger's knee, but we made it.  Unlike the first flight, this one was very uneventful.  The boys were good, and no one threw up.  When getting off the plane, someone offered again to carry our car seat.  We met Jeremy at baggage claim with lots of hugs and kisses.

So it wasn't all that bad.  Multiple people have told me before that when they see me with the twins, a "force" comes out of me when dealing with them.  A force that allows me to do what needs to be done to 2 toddlers at once.  I feel like that "force" was on all the time during our travel.  There were so many people that said, "Wow, you're brave." or "How do you do this?" or "I'm impressed."  I never have answers for these comments...I just do what I have to do to get things done and stay sane!

We had a great trip!

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