Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Color Run & Zombie 5K

Our past 2 weekends have been pretty awesome and busy.  I ran in 2 5ks within 2 weeks.  A 5k is approximately 3.1 miles.  I'm glad that I signed up for each of these runs, because they were so much fun and gave me an actual motivating reason to get out and run more on a regular basis.

The first one was The Color Run, also known as "The Happies 5K on the Planet."  There were no times, or no awards, just people running/walking/strolling getting doused in color.  I was allowed to bring the boys to this race, and it was their first 5k.  I did actually run with them, and they loved it.  

The comments I would hear while running with the boys were hilarious.  Some people would just applaud me, I heard some "Yeah Momma, you're awesome!"  or "OK guys, we need to run faster...there is a mom pushing two babies who just ran past us!"  And then there was Katrina not far behind me who would occasionally scream, "Tucker! Slow down!"

So we all started the race out wearing all white.  At different points throughout the race, there would be checkpoints of color to run through.  People with bottles of colored powder would throw their color at you.  It was awesome.

I think most people were scared to throw color onto the boys, for fear of scaring or upsetting them.  So they didn't get quite as colored as they could have, but they had a blast anyhow.

You can see clouds of color behind me...everyone had a huge color throwing party at the end of the race.

Color post race clothes.

So then this past week, I ran in another 5k, called The Zombie Buffet 5k.  This one was just as awesome.  It wasn't known as the happiest 5k, but probably actually the creepiest.  So this was how it worked:  There were runners, and there were zombies.  Runners run a 5k like normal, but are wearing flag-football type flags on their waist.  Zombies were also running, and met up with the regular runners at some point on the trail, and chased the runners to take their tags.  


Once you got both your flags pulled, you then could become a zombie and pull other runners flags.  I wanted to get chased and then chase, so I started out as a runner, happily gave up my flags pretty after the 1st mile, and then chased people down for the remainder of the race.  


These were our costumes...I found an old style dress at Goodwill, and tore it up.  Jeremy made some homemade blood, so with that, and a $6 Walgreens make up kit, we became zombies.  

The fake blood turned out really well.  It was a mixture of chocolate syrup, corn syrup, corn starch, cocoa powder and red food coloring.  We made a whole bunch of it, took it to the race and ended up sharing with some zombies that were parked next to us.  

We did put a little bit of face paint on the boys, but you can't tell very well from this photo.  I didn't take them on this run, since pulling flags, getting chased and running through the woods would all be significantly more challenging with a stroller (and I don't think strollers were allowed).  But the boys came out to the race to meet me us the beginning and end.  

Chasing people was so much fun.  I'm a pretty quiet runner, so people didn't know I was trailing behind them, and then I'd just speed up, grab their flag and run to the next person.   Sometimes I'd throw a creepy scream or growl in there for fun. 

At the end!

Definitely will be running both of these again next year!!!  


  1. How did your babies do in the color run? I want to do one this year but I'm worried about my little ones inhaling the powder in the air.

    1. They did fine and had lots of fun! They had no issues at all. All the powder is non-toxic, and ok to breathe in. You should do it, you will have a blast!