Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dinner Time At Our House

Oh Dinnertime, how stressful you are.

Picture this:

Me in the kitchen with multiple pots, pans, baking dishes and food spread out all over the counters.  Onions in the middle of being chopped, butter in the middle of being melted, veggies in the process of being steamed/roasted.

Below me are two little boys, running around my feet, sometimes screaming, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing.  I constantly have to stop what I'm doing in the kitchen to distract/hold/play with/give food to/ laugh at/yell at/just stand still because the boys demand it.

That is what our house looks/sounds like from about 330 until 530.

Any other time of the day, the boys are totally fine and love to play with each other and with their toys (and with me, if I'm not busy doing something), but they are usually ok on their own and let me get housework done.

Not cooking though, they will have none of that.  I usually start cooking dinner around 330.  Yup.  330.  because it takes that long.  As soon as the boys realize what I'm about to do, it starts.  They whine and cry and demand to be right in the middle of what I'm doing, and don't want me to do anything without them being right next to it so that they can see whats going on.

I've tried to give them pots and pans and spoons so that maybe they'll think they're doing the same thing as me.  It works for a little bit, but not very long.  I wonder if I got or made them a little mini kitchen with food and put it in our kitchen if it would help?  They're just soooo interested in what I'm doing up on the counters that they don't want to do anything else.  I would just put them in a carrier, but now that they're bigger, it's really hard to carry around both of them.  and cook at the same time, while they try to grab at everything.

And so I just have to deal with it.  I have to take lots of breaks while trying to make dinner. It's also frustrating because the boys are pretty this fussy around this time because they're hungry.  But I can't get them their food fast enough because they won't stop whining, and keep making me stop what I'm doing.  Endless circle here.  I try to give them snacks to hold them off until dinner is ready, but then they just fill up on snacks and don't end up eating very much of their dinner.


Do moms with 1 kid have this problem?  Anyone have any tips they want to offer up?   

I love cooking dinner, and I love being home with my boys, but the 2 really haven't been mixing well together lately.  330-530 is a dang stressful time at the Tucker house!     


  1. Hey, how’d you get pictures of my house?  I have a 5 yr old and 1 yr old twins.

    At my house, when I start dinner, I put them in their high chairs and give them something that takes a while to eat as a starter for dinner. So, canned fruit (already sliced!), a banana, frozen veggies (steam in micro for a few seconds), a breadstick, string cheese, etc. Then I throw dinner together.

    If I’m making spaghetti, or something similar, I can cook the noodles and have them cooling in the fridge by the time they’re done with their veggies. And really, I don’t feel bad if they eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

    Sometimes they get leftovers from previous dinners, simply because it’s faster to reheat than it would be to cook something up and have them hit their breaking points before dinner is served. I also make use of my crockpot – stock it up during naptime, turn on and it’s done by dinner.

    Take a deep breath, you’re doing just fine. They won’t remember what they ate, but they will remember dinnertime together ;)

  2. I only have 1 and she is almost 3 but she loves to cook too; i sit her on the counter with me and although she grabs at the spoons and things, i try to keep her interested by explaining the steps and "ooh look at the bubbles, it's starting to boil!" now she gets out the tupperware and puts her toys in them and "cooks" me dinner.

    can't imagine trying to do it with two though!