Saturday, October 6, 2012

Running Update week 2 - trail running!

So this week I got back into trail running.  I used to run trails a while back, before the boys were born.  I think I even ran some while I was pregnant with them.  (It was a funny site to see, I assure you.  Huge belly running around through the woods.)  Anyway, I had forgotten how much I love trail running and how much better it is than running on a road/sidewalk/treadmill.  

I can run so much longer and I don't think about the pain in my side/legs/feet.  Instead, I enjoy feeling the soft earth under my feet, listening to the birds in the trees and the ruffling of leaves on the ground, and seeing lots of deer and squirrels along the way.  It totally takes my mind off of what I'm doing and focuses on my surroundings instead.  Even running up the hills that you hike while on the trails, sure they're hard, but not near as hard as it would be if I was just on pavement.  It's fun to run/jump up over the rocks and branches and things.  The woods is totally my element.  I'd live there if I could.  

I ran 4 times this week, 3 of those being on trails in the woods (got out my Vibrams!)  Once I ran after work on the treadmill (blah).  Treadmill running is my WORST.  I constantly feel like I'm going to fall off and flat onto my face, and all I think about while running on there is how hard my feet pound each time I take a stride.  The other few times were on trails through the woods.  My treadmill days I ran for about 30 minutes straight.  My trail days I ran 3-ish miles one day, then 4 the next and yesterday I ran 6.    I felt amazing!

I'm really excited that I rediscovered trail running.  I would love to be able to do some trail races, but haven't heard of any around the Nashville area.  But I also haven't done a lot of searching for them either.  So maybe I'll find one soon!

I hope to continue to run trails like I did this week, and increase my distance also.  I have a few 5K's coming up soon!  And I'd like to do a half marathon by the spring...and actually run it in a decent time.

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  1. Awesome job! My husband likes trail running, me not so much :)