Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Babies: Your 1st Birthday

Dear baby boys, you just turned 1 year old. 

Everyday, I can't get over how much you've grown.  From tiny little dancing beans in my belly, to constantly-moving, eating-everything-in-sight, rambunctious little boys.

You have changed so much over the past 12 months, and you've turned into the best little things ever.  I am still in awe, everyday that I get to call you my children.

Around this time last year, we were adjusting to our new lives, centered around 2 newborns who ate, slept, and pooped around the clock.  We were adjusting to nights of sleep with multiple interruptions, learning what you liked and what you didn't, and learning that the little things don't matter anymore.  All that matters is you guys now.

There were plenty of days when you were little where we didn't eat dinner until 900 at night because there was no time to cook (and occasionally that still happens).  There were plenty of days where I didn't get a chance to pee all day long.  There were plenty of days where I had no time to shower, or no time to myself at all.

But that's ok.  

Because it's all been worth it.  I wouldn't change a thing about either of you.  You have both been the best thing that has ever happened to my life.

To our little Judah-Bear (how long till you hate that name!?)  You are so much fun.  Your little squeals you do when you get really pumped about something are adorable.  You aren't walking quite yet, but you do stand up on your own for a long time, and get really excited about it.  You know who Ernie is, and can bring your toy Ernie to us on command.  You also love watching your little toy cars roll down the spiral track.  You learned how to crawl up the stairs from watching your brother, and can now do it with ease.  You like to show everyone that you know how to clap.  Whenever you hear the word "good job" you will start clapping and smiling.  Super cute.  You will also repeat the word "batman" which is pretty awesome.  Everyone kinda thinks that you are the calm, sweet, nice kid.  Most the time you are, but you definately have a little spunky side as well.  You're a little sneakier about getting into trouble than your brother is.  When you're doing something you know you're not suppose to be doing, you'll be real quiet and look all around before you do it.  You'll steal your brother's pacifier or toy, just because you want 2.  But then sometimes you're really nice and give it back when you see he's upset.

To our little Foxx boy.  You are hilarious.  You have so much excitement for everything.  Your favorite new thing to do is to find shoes of any sort (your shoes, my shoes, Jeremy's shoes, sandals, tennis shoes), and crawl around with them on your hands.  You just think it's the most fun ever.  You also love to use your stroller toys-you walk and push them around with the biggest smile on your face.  That  is also when your little (big, actually) temper comes out.  When you crash into something or roll over something that makes you stop, you get so angry, start screaming and get really upset that you can't move.  We try not to laugh at you, but sometimes we can't help it.  You're not quite walking yet either, although you'll occasionally take a few steps toward one of us if we urge you to do so.  We think you actually know how to walk (cause your steps are perfectly balanced), but you just don't seem to care to do it much.  Like Judah, you also say "batman".  We're pretty sure that you call milk "mee mee". You're so much fun to be around, and you without fail bring smiles to everyone with whom you share a room.

We love you baby boys! 

Now stop growing up so dang fast!

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  1. Oh this is just precious! I love it!! Happy first birthday sweet little men!