Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Whole Year, With Two Little Ones.

I know that every parent in the world always claims how fast the lives of their children fly by.  When you have children (especially for the first time), you never hear the end of it.  "Cherish this time, it goes by so quickly!" or "Don't they just grow up way too fast?!"  

Yes, yes, I know.  Enjoy them all the time cause it will go by fast and I can't get it back.  

 You really don't realize it until it's your kids' birthday(s) and you're looking back at the previous year, that all those annoying comments were 100% correct.  Life can sweep by you if you don't slow down and appreciate the little things.  

I remember that very first ultrasound when 2 little dancing figures popped up on that screen.  I remember watching my belly grow and grow, until I thought it couldn't grow anymore, constantly anxious and excited to meet my babies.  I remember the day I was told I'm going to meet my babies.  I remember hearing and seeing them for the very first time.  I remember our first few days and nights together, both in awe and gratefulness of what was happening.  

I don't feel like I'm guilty of not cherishing moments with my boys.  The first few months were quite a blur, but I can remember many things about their tiny little selves learning to live in our huge world.  Sleeping/waking/eating/pooping, it was sort of like we were all on autopilot for several months.  It was very, very challenging then, but I still remember the precious parts.

The way the boys would scoot closer together when we laid them down in their crib at night, even before they knew how to move around.  
The way their tiny little fingers grasped onto ours.  
The way their gassy half-smiles made us feel so special.  
The way they would just stare up at us, wide awake, while we tried to rock them to sleep at 3am.  
The way they would kick, always kicking, and get so excited underneath their mobiles in their crib and pack-and-play.  
The sound of their very first distinguishable laughs, after bath time.  
The way they payed so close attention when Jeremy read Dr. Seuss to them for the first time. 
The way they loved riding around in our carriers, and immediately fell asleep on our chests.  
The way they looked around in awe when we would take them hiking in the woods.
They way they would get a hilarious, surprised look on their face when you blew on them.

When they got old enough to roll and sit up, they were even more fun.  They started to get more interactive, laughing at appropriate times,  smiling at every new face, and loving every new thing that they got to discover.
The way they would just sit there and stare at you, until you looked at them and then they'd start cracking up laughing. 
The way they'd put each other's fingers in one another mouths, and babble on like they're having a conversation about what they're feeling.
The way they would either immediately fall asleep or make cute cooing noises in their car seat.  
The funny faces they made when trying solid foods for the first time.
Their first little snaggle-toothed grins.
The excitement and joy on their faces during bath time.
I remember them both coming into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning, and all 4 of us dozing back off together for a few more snoozes, all while snuggled together in a bed made for 2.

And now, quite possibly my favorite stage so far (is that bad, to have a favorite stage in my kids' lives?  Shouldn't I love every stage equally? Oh well.)

They are soooo much fun right now.  Their little attitudes and personalities are totally coming out, and they're very different from one another.
They love to scream and yell at each other, and seem to know exactly what the other one is saying.
They are just about walking, and both get so excited when they take a few good steps.  
The way they study everything so closely, trying to figure out how it works.
The way they get so excited when we enter a room.
The way they throw their arms up to be held whenever we pass by one of them.
The way they shovel food into their mouths while eating.
They sit with us at the dinner table, and we all eat together, a tradition I hope to continue throughout their childhood.
The way they say "mama" and "dada".
How they won't ever stop kicking while trying to change a diaper.
How they immediately stop whatever they are doing to pay attention to the "Big Bang Theory" theme song when it comes on TV.
The way they get so excited when they learn to do new things.
How they give us hugs, and open-mouthed kisses.

We have made it 1 whole year with these awesome kiddos, and while I do feel like it has gone by fast, I don't feel like I have not cherished my time with them.  I remember the important things, and I am excited for so many more fun times to come! 



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