Sunday, August 26, 2012

A "Brown Bear Brown Bear" 1st Birthday Party.

So if you're friends with me on facebook, sorry for more of the same photos you've probably already seen.  But I thought that the blog deserved a post on the boys' first birthday party.  Because I thought it was pretty awesome.  (Don't mind that it's almost a month late...I've really been slacking on the blog-writing as of late.)

I decided to throw a "Brown Bear Brown Bear" birthday party for the boys, since it is their most favorite book.  Whenever we read it, they get so excited and just laugh and laugh.  My ideas for the party decorations were mostly just rainbow colored stuff, since the book is filled with animals in rainbow colors.

I made a Happy Birthday banner for the food table.  For the food, I had finger foods, all on different plates sorted by each rainbow color.

Party favors were little bags of "Brown Bears" (chocolate teddy grahams)//Rainbow streamers over the couch/present opening area//2 little rainbow cakes for the boys to smash//rainbow layered cake//Rainbow balloon banner for boys to smash cake under//food table.

For the cake, as seen above, I made a 6-layered cake, with each layer being a different color of the rainbow.  It took me forever, but I think it turned out pretty awesome.  We covered the cake with fondant, and used gum paste to cut out animal shapes from the book.  I got some edible markers, and colored the animals like the drawings in the book, then pasted them on the outside of the cake.  You can see a more detailed description of how I made the cake over at my food blog, HERE.

The boys weren't quite as happy or excited on their birthday as I would have expected, but they still had fun.  They tolerated their hats being on, at least for some pictures.  The only thing that really kept them happy and (somewhat) smiling so that Lane could get some pictures, was their snack food, "wheels". 

This is the boys and their container of "wheels".  All they are is little puffed grain wheel shaped snacks, but the boys are OBSESSED.  They are our fail-safe for baby happiness.  If they are fussy and nothing else is currently working, give them a wheel and you'll have at least 5 minutes of happy baby.  And then they devour the whole container.

I think this is the only picture where you can sort of see both of their shirts.  They have a brown bear on them (looks like the one from the book), a big #1, and then their names.  They were made by a former coworker of mine, and they were perfect!

We opened presents, which the boys cared about for maybe 10 seconds.  Judah was much more interested in the streamers hanging above his head.

Lastly, we let the boys smash into their mini cakes.  This wasn't near as exciting as I'd hoped either, but they were still super cute.  They weren't sure what to do at first, but after tasting some, they then (calmly) started eating some cake.  It wasn't long before the boys realized how exhausted they were and just started crying after a few bites of cake. 

After guests left and everything calmed down, the boys took a good nap while we organized and put together all their new toys.  They woke up and had so much fun playing with them!

We all had lots of fun!

**Most, if not all of these photos were taken by my friend Lane, of  

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