Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Child Care

I don't remember my thoughts about child care when I was pregnant.  I just knew that Jeremy and I both had jobs, I was going to take off 4 months from work after they were born, and our plan was to have Jeremy stay home with the boys when I had to return to work.  I guess I knew that at some point Jeremy would have to find a job, but I didn't really think about what we would do with the boys when that time came.  

Well, that time is here.  While Jeremy has loved being a stay at home dad for the past year, he really does want a job.  He misses working, and our finances are slowly dwindling as a household with only one income.  The most ideal situation would be for Jeremy to be the only one that has to work, and I would be able to stay at home full time with the boys.  But that can't quite happen yet.  That being said, our only other option is to get child care for the boys. But, I am very thankful that I only have to work 3 nights a week, so the days that I am off from work I can spend with Judah and Foxx. 

We toured a few different childcare centers around our area, and ended up finding one we really like.    It's part of the KinderCare Learning Center chains.  The boys will be in the toddler class (Toddlers!  I  now have 2 toddlers.  oh dear.).  The day we toured, there were kids in there that just looked so much bigger than J and F, even though they weren't really that much older or bigger.  They were all sitting down at a big table together eating lunch, using spoons.  Ha.  We'll see how that goes with our boys.  They also all take naps together on little cots.  That'll be interesting to see how the boys take to also.

This situation is bitter-sweet for me.

 The sweet part is that Jeremy has a new job which he is excited about.  Another sweet part is that on the days after the nights that I work, I will be able to actually sleep. currently, I'm getting by with roughly 5 hours of broken sleep each time I work because I feel the need to come downstairs and help Jeremy with the boys when their being difficult instead of sleeping.

The bitter part is of course, not having my babies at home with me all the time.  I feel this constant need to be close to them.  Even if I'm sitting here blogging on the computer while they are playing with each other 5 feet away,  If I were sitting here blogging and they were at daycare, I would feel a constant need to drop what I'm doing and go pick them up to be here with me.  I feel like that will happen a lot.

One thing that I was worried about with childcare was still being able to use our cloth diapers.  I did NOT want to have to start buying disposables.  We've loved using cloth diapers for our boys, and I was worried that daycare would not be willing to use them.  But they are!  I was so excited when I found this out.  We'll just send all the supplies for them, and they'll do it.  That was huge.

I feel like the boys are super close to walking.  They're standing on their own for a few seconds without holding onto anything, and will occasionally take a few steps.  I feel like once they go to daycare and see all the other kids around them walking, they'll just take off.  I don't want to miss their first walk!  I may tell the daycare workers to not tell me if they did start walking that day.   Then they would come home and walk, and I would think that it was the first time.

That will work, right?

They boys' first day is next monday, the 23rd.  I work that sunday night, and that's Jeremy's first day of work.  We'll both go and drop them off.  I'm sure they won't even cry.  But I'm sure we will!

I wonder how the boys will do having to share with not only their brother, but a lot of other kids too...you can see how well they share now here  : )

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