Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted, so I thought I'd just give an update of what our lives have been like lately...

I've been working a lot.  One extra 12 hour shift a week really doesn't seem like all that much, but I feel it.  It makes it worse because it's another day that I'm away from my boys.  That being said, I try and make the most of my days at home.  It's hard sometimes, because I'm super tired, but that's the life of a mom right?  

We haven't had much of a winter here in Nashville, I think I've only worn my heavy coat once or twice.  It feels like it's already in the early days of spring. I'm not complaining!  Today, it was around 70 degrees and sunny with a little breeze.  AMAZING.  Judah had a post-op urology appointment this morning (more on that later - all is ok, for now), and afterwards, we went to have a picnic at Centennial Park.  We got our favorite, Hog Heaven, and ate with our boys on a blanket on the grass.  

My boys are the cutest twins ever, right? Glad you agree. 

The boys have taken to food now, and we've started making our own baby food.  It's so much fun!  I have a whole list of food combinations that I plan on making here soon.  I'll do a separate post on how we do all that later.

And you've heard me brag on how much we like cloth diapering, well this morning just further proved our preference of cloth over disposable.  I stripped all of our cloth diapers today, so we had the boys in disposable for most the day.  This morning, a little while after Judah woke up, he smelled funky, so I went and changed him.  As soon as I unzipped his sleeper, poop emerged everywhere.  Like it went all the way up his back, up to the top of his shoulders.  I'm not even kidding.  His sleeper was covered.  He was kicking like crazy, getting poop all over his arms, legs, and my arms, legs and some how my bottom?  Anywho, I ran him straight upstairs and gave him a full on bath.  

All the way up the back of that sleeper!

Guess who can stand up on their own?  (while holding on to something, of course).  They love the pack and play.  They will sit in their, play with each other and with their huge stuffed animals, while laughing at us looking at them from outside the netting.  It's super cute.  

And about teething:  Foxx now has 2 little teeth popping through, right on the bottom front!  He is taking teething like a champ.  He is just as happy as ever!  No need for tylenol or cold teething rings, or baby orajel, he's a rockstar!  Judah still has no teeth to show for all his drool that covers our house, but I expect some to show up any day now!

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