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Cloth Diapers; What We Do & How We Do It.

Whenever I say something about using cloth diapers on our twins, I usually hear one of 3 reactions:

1.   Oh that's really cool, I can totally see you guys using cloth diapers!


2.  EEEEWWWWW!  You have to wash out poop?!


3.  Oh my gosh! That must be so much work! 

People often ask me for advice and opinions on cloth diapering, so here is a post all about it. Or, at least what we do in our house.

We decided to cloth diaper while I was pregnant, and the idea didn't change once we had twins.  Why did we choose to use cloth you ask?  These are just reasons why WE chose to cloth diaper.  No judgement on anyone who chooses otherwise!  Here are some reasons we like using cloth:

*The average amount of money saved over a 2 and 1/2 year period for one child using cloth diapers and cloth wipes is about $2500.  That x2 for us, and then for future children...lots of money saved!
*No chemicals on my babies' bums!
*No diaper rashes!
*Our trash can is not constantly overflowing with dirty diapers, and we're not adding loads of junk in landfills!
*They contain poop and pee better than disposables do!
*They seem so much more comfortable!
*No midnight runs to Wal-mart for diapers!
*They're super cute!

What kind of cloth diapers do we use?  For a while, Jeremy's mom was gracious enough to pay for a diaper service for us.  There is a local business here in Nashville called Smile, Mommy! that supplies the diapers, and picks up the dirties to wash every week.  While we used the service, we used prefolds and covers.  When we started using our own cloth diapers, we use all-in-one pocket diapers (I'll explain later in the post exactly what these are).  We have a few different brands, including BumGenius and FuzziBunz.  

Ok so now you know why...and you're wondering how.

We have enough diapers to get through 2 days with our boys.  That is with diaper changes roughly every 2-3 hours, plus a few extra when needed.  We do a load of diaper laundry every other day, and it works out just fine.  Until the diapers are ready to be washed, we keep them in a pail, lined with an anti-bacterial liner that controls odor.  After washing them, we hang them to dry overnight.  

I was so confused by cloth diapers when I was first researching them.  I didn't know anyone (near me anyway) that used cloth, and so I had no way to physically see how they were made and used.  I did lots of reading online, and eventually figured it out.  There are all different types, but after comparing a few, I figured it would work best for us to use pocket (all-in-one or AIO) diapers.  They have 3 components: An outer shell that is water proof, an inner "pocket" wicking layer that keeps baby's skin dry, and an absorbent cloth insert.

There are many different kinds of inserts.  We have newborn size, adjustable infant size, and a few hemp liners as well.  For bedtime, we usually put a regular liner plus a hemp liner in for extra absorbency.  It has worked well for us, and we hardly have leaks.

and the most frequently asked question..."What do you do with all the poop?!"
If it's breast milk poo, it's water-soluble and completely safe to just throw into the washer.  If baby is eating solids/formula, then simply shake/wipe out the poo into the toilet.  We have this awesome toilet sprayer, that sprays the poo off of our diapers, and into the toilet.

  And here is a little diaper tutorial:

This is the outer layer:

And this is what it looks like inside, with an insert next to it.  That inner layer of the cover that you see is what is right next to babies skin.  It is awesome.  No matter how wet the insert is inside, this layer feels dry and keeps babies skin dry!

Simply stuff the insert inside of the cover, and it's ready to go onto baby!

There are snaps on the front of the diaper that allows for size adjusting.  These diapers fit 7lbs to 35lbs.  Our FuzziBunz diapers also have size adjusting on the leg elastic.

This is a snap type instead of velcro

We also use cloth wipes! They're uber soft.  We have a spray bottle with water and a teeny bit of soap, which we use to spray a few wipes right before we use them.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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