Sunday, February 26, 2012

Child-Like Faith

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
-Matthew 18:3-4

Our Church is currently doing a sermon series on Heaven.  Today, the above verse was mentioned, and it stood out to Jeremy and I.  After church, we were talking about it with an older church member.  We were discussing what "Child-Like Faith" really is, and what it means to us.

Judah and Foxx have extreme trust and faith in us as their parents.  They don't have any kind of worry about where there next meal will come from, whether or not they will have clean, fitting, clothes to wear, or whether they will have a warm house to live in.  They don't worry about any of these things.  
They rely solely on us to provide for them.  
They trust that we will take care of them.  
They don't worry about how it will get done, they just know that it does.  

Us, on the other hand, we often do worry about these things.  
We sometimes get very worried about our finances, especially while currently being a 1-income family.  We worry about whether we will have enough money for more children.  
We worry about whether we will have enough money to send them to a good school (As of now, the public schools in our district are not very good, so we'd have to go private, unless we moved, but then we worry if we'd have enough money to move).  
We worry about where the money is going to come from to pay all of they boys' (Judah's) medical bills.  

Our babies don't worry about any of this.  I know that they are still little and don't understand yet, but the point is still there.  When they are 5 years old, they are going to be the same way.  They won't worry about how they're going to get taken care of, they just know that they will be ok.  

It's really funny, and humbling a lot of times, to see how they react to our worry, or anxiety or anger.  Jeremy and I will come home from somewhere having found out that we owe more money on something, we will have just gotten a phone call about more medical bills that we owe on, etc., and the boys will have no idea what's going on.  They will just look up at us as one of us is talking, and give a huge smile.  

Because none of it matters to them.  

What matters to them is that we are near them at this point in time.  They are happy to see us, they love us and they trust us, and that is all that they care about.  They don't know how bad of a day we might have had, they don't know that we struggle sometimes to find money to eat as healthy as we want/need to, they don't know that it's hard.  They just know that it's going to be ok.

This is how we need to be with God.  God is our father.  We are his children.  He will provide for us just as we always find a way to provide for Judah and Foxx.  We need to stop worrying about where it's going to come from and just have faith in God.  

Thank you, Judah and Foxx, for showing me God's love, every single day. 

And thank you God, for giving me awesome kids, a loving husband, a friendly church, and everything I need to live and get by, plus way more than I deserve.


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