Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tadd & Todd

Have you ever heard of this Dr. Seuss book?  I hadn't.  My mom found it for the boys/us.  I love Dr. Seuss anything, and this has some awesome stories in it!  One of the stories is about identical twin boys named Tadd and Todd.  One of them decides that he doesn't want to look like the other, so he starts doing things to make himself look different (like dying his hair red), just to find out that the other brother has done the same thing.  They realize that things were just meant to be that way and they will always look alike.  

It's quite cute and funny.  I like that the boys are twins, and you don't meet a whole lot of twins.  Like, it's not an every day find.  It's something that will always be unique about them, and having a story written about something that is about your uniqueness is pretty cool!

We're about to add a new component to our bedtime routine, and that is reading books.  We have a good little collection of children's books already, and it's slowly growing.  Many of the books we have are Dr. SeussEric Carle, the Little Critter (remember?!  those were my favorite!) and the "if you take/give a mouse/moose to the movies/a muffin" (Laura Numeroff) books.  Do you know those books? they're hilarious.  I'm excited!

As of right now, the boys don't really pay much attention to they books.  They will look at the pages for a few minutes, but quickly get distracted by other fascinating things (their hands, someone walking, the cats, their feet, the ceiling fan, etc.).  But I think it's beneficial for them to listen to us read.  helps with language development I suppose.  And it's fun to read these little books!

Jeremy reading to Judah (Caught him actually look at the book!)

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