Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Judah's Surgery; All done!

*Cue big, deep breath and sigh of relief.

Judah's surgery is over and done with.  Little guy did so well during it, he impressed everybody.  As I initially had hoped, none of our worries became truth.  He did well during the surgery, and recovered from anesthesia with no issues.  Yay!

We were pretty sure it was going to be an awful day.  Judah's surgery was scheduled for 10am.  We were suppose to be at the hospital at 8am.  He was not allowed to eat/drink anything after 6am.  We were sure he would be starving and screaming for milk the whole time, so we decided instead of waking him up before 6 to get in a last feeding, we would just let him sleep as long as possible before we had to leave.  We woke him up a little before 7, and left our house very soon afterwards.  Much to our surprise, he did amazingly well for not being able to eat.  He was just a happy little Judah, flashing smiles and laughs at all the nurses and doctors.  Our holding room nurse took him around the halls, showing him off to other nurses because she thought he was so cute.  Right before they took him to surgery the whole team came out to get him to take him back.  Normally, they take the kids back while they are in a crib.  Well, the anesthesiologist thought that Judah was so cute, he just wanted to carry him back.  And so he did.

We were told that the procedure would take 2-3 hours.  They were going to go in, remove the obstruction from the ureter, place a stent and a little drainage tube.  They also said that if the kidney looked absolutely awful and looked like there would be no chance of it developing normally, that they would just go ahead and remove it while they were in there.  They told us that they would call us every hour during the surgery to let us know how it was going.

We watched our little guy get carried down the hall to the operating room, and then we left to go get some breakfast.  After we ate, we went back upstairs to the surgery waiting room, and got our first phone call update from the surgical nurse.  She said everything was going fine!

So while we were sitting in the waiting room, we saw many doctors come out and update the family once the surgery on their child was finished (they also told us that this is what would happen with us).  Well nearing the 2 1/2 hour make of Judah's surgery, the receptionist called us up to the front and said that the doctor would like to talk to us in the consult room.

The consult room?  Why wouldn't he come out here and talk to us like all these other doctors have done so far?  Does that mean something went wrong and they don't want to tell us in front of other people?

Without saying a word to each other, Jeremy and I both knew that we were thinking about all of these things.  We sat in the consult room, with worried looks and shaky hands for what felt like forever.  (I'm sure it was really only like 10 or 15 minutes).

After a little while, the doctor came in with a big smile and awesome news.  They did not end up removing the kidney.  He said Judah did great, the surgery went well and our little man was in the post-anesthesia room, being monitored as he wakes up.  We thanked him, left the room and were soon called to be able to go back and see Judah.

The above picture is what he looked like when we first saw him.  I was glad to see no oxygen on his face, and he was wiggling and stretching, but didn't seem to be in pain.  When we started talking to him, he opened his little eyes and looked at us for a few seconds, before falling back asleep.

We stayed with him in the PACU until we were moved to a room.  We stayed overnight for monitoring.  All his vitals remained stable, he was pretty comfortable and his incision looked good.  We were able to go home the next day. 

Since we've been home, he hasn't been quite as happy.  He's been sleeping a lot, only on me, as he refuses to be laid down anywhere else.  Tylenol seems to be working for his pain, but you can tell he's still a little sore and just doesn't feel good.  He's not eating great and he's got some congestion which makes it hard for him to breathe, but he's not showing any signs of infection or dehydration, which is good.  

It's really sad to see our little guy this pitiful, but It will hopefully be over with in the next few days and he'll be back to himself again.

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