Friday, December 23, 2011

Back to Normal

All is back to normal in the Tucker house.

After fighting soreness, loss of appetite and constipation following surgery, Judah is finally back to himself again.  It was a rough week and a half there, trying to get him that way!  His incision is healing up just fine, he no longer seems to be in pain, and is now pooping and eating like he did prior to surgery.  Poor guy was so miserable.  If he wasn't sleeping, he was awake and crying.  We had to give him suppositories, Karo syrup (natural laxative) and prune juice to get him to poop.  It was awful.  But then he finally pooped and has been doing so regularly since then, thank goodness.  It was also hard to get him to eat.  He just refused.  We tried to get him to take some pedialyte because I was scared he was going to end up back in the hospital with dehydration if he was eating anything, but he slowly got back to normal with that also.  Now he is his happy little self again, always greeting us with a smile when we look at him and it's wonderful.

And Foxx.  Oh little Foxx.  He had no reason to be constipated because he didn't have surgery, but I guess he wanted to feel for his brother and did not want to be outdone with all the attention Judah was getting, so Foxx too was constipated pretty badly.  His was much easier to resolve, though.  One laxative, a red-faced straining baby, a large ball of poop (sorry, TMI), = a happy Foxx again.  Foxx was awesome during Judah's surgery and the week following.  He was soooo good.  He never fought sleep at nap times or bed time, he was super happy all the time, and often entertained himself.  THIS IS NOT HIS NORMAL ATTITUDE.  Usually, he is the attention-seeking, loud, fight-sleep-all-the-time kid.  But nope. He manned up and was perfect while Judah was sick.  It's like he knew something was going on and that we needed more attention to be devoted to Judah.  How sweet of you little Foxx!

Love my little guys : )

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