Monday, October 24, 2011


It happened.  Our baby boys started sleeping through the night.  It's been amazing!  They first did it when we were in Huntsville, visiting Jeremy's parents.  They slept from 8pm until 4 am, woke up to eat, and then went back down until 8am.  It was awesome and I was pretty sure it was just a fluke.  Maybe they had just gotten extra worn out that day or something I thought.  But they did it again, and then again, and then again!  They did it every night that we were at Huntsville.  Ok, so it's just because they're in a new place.  All the new smells and surroundings make them extra tired, so that's why they're sleeping longer.  I was expecting it to stop and go back to waking up every 3 hours on the dot when we got back home.  To my surprise, they continued to do it at home!

The boys have slept in a co-sleeper on our bed since they day they came home.  We said that once they started sleeping through the night, we would move them into their own crib.  I was a little sad to do this, because I liked having them close to me.  They stayed in the co-sleeper for almost a week more, just to make sure that the sleeping-through-the-night deal was for real.  They continued to sleep, and they even stopped waking up for the 4am feeding.  So we moved them to their crib in their room across the hall.  I was positive that this wouldn't work and they would continue to wake up throughout the night.

but they didn't wake up.

After a bath, feeding and rocking (our bedtime routine), they lied down in their crib and fell asleep, without a problem.  The first night or two I'm pretty sure I checked on them once every hour to make sure they were still breathing, because they were actually sleeping and not waking up.

So now they go to bed at 8pm every night.  and it's awesome.  Jeremy and I get a few hours together, just us, before we go to bed.  I can get housework done, we can eat an uninterrupted dinner, and watch tv or hang out or whatever.  I am a little sad though that they are not right next to me when I go to sleep.  The co-sleeper next to our bed is now empty.

We co-bed our boys, meaning they sleep together in the same crib.  We place them on opposite ends of the crib when we put them down, and in the morning, or at any time that we check on them in the night, they are close together.  I don't know how they manage to roll/scoot/shimmy to move closer, but it always happens.  They are even swaddled in these little velcro swaddle blankets, so they can't really use their arms to move.  I don't know how they do it, but they do.  They also will flip around and do a whole 180 degrees turn sometimes.  It's ridiculous.  Here are some illustrations of positions that we sometimes find them in:

This is how they start out. 
This is how we find them almost every time.

And this is also how we often find them.

It's like a surprise waiting for us when we walk in their room, we are always wondering what crazy positions we'll find them in.

This morning, Judah was perpendicular to Foxx, kicking him in the chin.

The crazy thing is, they don't wake each other up!  Judah usually wakes up first, and his cries, even when they are loud cries, don't make Foxx budge an inch.  (Foxx usually wakes up on his own within 10 minutes of Judah though).  He wasn't even waking up this morning when he was being kicked by his bro.  It scared me a little, so I made sure he was still alive.  He was.

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