Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall in Love Fridays #1

10 Things that I'm loving this week:

1.  Smiles from my little bald guys.


2.  This website/blog is amazing.  I may spend a little too much time there.

3.  I'm totally going to do this when my boys start talking and saying ridiculous things!

4.  I need to go to Michael's and get a long canvas to paint one (two I guess) of these.

5.  I need to make a version of this sign for our laundry room.

6.  I want to make these for the boys. 

7. I'm totally going to try this photo trick next 4th of July!

8.  Create your own photo booth pictures!

and lastly,

10.  How cool are these Nesting Dolls?!


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