Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bowties and Ceiling Fans

Jeremy is obsessed with bow ties.  I got him a few for Christmas last year and he wears one almost every week to church.  When we found baby bow ties, he freaked out.  Unfortunately, we only had one collared dress shirt, so Judah was chosen to match daddy on this certain Sunday.  

Jeremy went parading around after church with Judah just like this, saying, "look at my son's awesome bow tie!".  Everyone freaked out and exclaimed how cute he was.  

Foxx did get to wear a sweater vest, which is still pretty cute.  (he did not want his picture taken it appears).

Also, let me take a moment to talk about ceiling fans.  Both our boys are in love with ceiling fans.  Any and all sorts.  They are completely mesmerized by them.  They will even turn their heads around and almost upside-down to try and look at the fan while eating.  It's pretty ridiculous.  There is a fan right above their changing table, so there is no crying during diaper changes, just coos and smiles.  I think that they smile at the fans more than they smile at us.  

Below are a few pictures of them watching said ceiling fans.  

I'm a little jealous of Mr. Ceiling Fan.  True Story.

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