Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Smiles

I live for these little smiles.  No matter how bad our day is, no matter how little sleep I have gotten, or how awful I feel, when these guys flash their gummy smiles, nothing else in the world matters at that moment.  The happiness shown on their little faces, if only for a moment, overtakes my whole being.  Both Jeremy and I will make ourselves look like complete idiots if only to make these kids grin.   

Even 3 months later, I still find myself in awe that these are my kids.  My kids.  Not only do I have children, I have twins!  I never would have expected to have twins.  Sure, way back when I always knew I'd get married and have lots of kids, but never did I picture my older self with a set of twins.  It amazes me that they started as tiny little cells in my belly and have now grown and learned to smile at us.  Every night when I lay them down to sleep, I am in awe and disbelief that they are mine.  Even though sometimes they gang up on me and both scream and cry at the same time, they are still the most awesome little dudes ever, and I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world.

I love you Judah and Foxx!

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