Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preparing for Kids! - By Jeremy

And so, now we are in the heat of preparation for the twins.  Our kitchen is finished and its on to the twins' room.  We have decided to go with a The Giving Tree theme as it is my favorite childhood book.  Actually, the only other book that really rivals it (other than the bible, I feel forced to say) is Dante's Inferno.  I don't think that Inferno would be a great theme for the babies' room though as all the babies stuck in Limbo may be incredibly depressing to explain.

We have a crib and a dresser now thanks to my mom, which is a huge financial load off because that stuff is EXPENSIVE.  We are also starting to accrue a large amount of clothing and are having showers scheduled for the near future.

But the preparation I am most interested in, for this blog post, has to do with discipleship.  I believe very strongly that we should all be disciples of Jesus, but the problem comes when Jesus is not physically here to disciple us.  The Rabbi/disciple model died out long ago.  Most of the time when we talk about being disciples we have no idea what we are talking about.  Essentially, a disciple went wherever their Rabbi went . . . even to the bathroom.  They would mimic everything their Rabbi did so that they would in essence become their Rabbi.  The point of this was so that the Rabbi's knowledge and interpretation/teachings of the scripture would be passed on and expounded upon over time.

Sadly we don't have that set up for ourselves today.  We may have mentors throughout our lives, but never the intimate relationship seen between a Rabbi and his disciple.  On the other hand, we become our parents.  It is a fact that is extremely hard to take.  We become the good and the bad of what we see day in and day out until we leave the house.  This can be a huge problem for people who come from volatile homes, but it can be a huge opportunity.

The answer to the brokenness of the system is for parents to disciple their children.  This adds a huge amount of pressure on us as we must now imitate Christ so that our children may, at some point, become us.  And so, for our preparation to be parents we must start practicing speaking the scriptures over and over as well as living in a way that reveals the redeemed reality set in motion by Jesus that is at odds with the world we live in.

You may think that this is impossible, and you are right in one aspect of this.  We cannot be perfect mirrors of Jesus, especially on our own merit.  We must, however, rely that God will be strong when we are weak, perfect when we are imperfect, and holy when we are secular . . . and that our kids will somehow see that when they leave home.  We don't need to turn this into a legalistic method either, as we will be building another form of the Law. (And since we are not God, that can only lead toward terrible things.)  We just need to focus on the ministry of Jesus as read by Jesus in Luke 4.  We must act out love in all things with all people.  We must put away the harsh judgments we make on the rest of the world, and instead show those called sinners the love that Jesus showed tax collectors and prostitutes.

Sorry that I got preachy there, but I guess as long as I'm preachy toward the right people it's o.k.

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