Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A House ?!

Can you guess another big step in becoming an adult?

Buying a house.

Can you guess that we have done that? 

well, we have.

We have bought a house.  That's just crazy.  We can't afford a house.  We are still poor college kids.  But not really.  Because we just bought a house.  Not only did we find out that we are pregnant, not only did we find out that we are pregnant with twins, but we bought a house.  Oh goodness. 

Everything has just kind of fallen into our lap...I don't know whether I should be concerned or just be happy.  I am very thankful for these many blessings though!  We didn't even search for a house for more than a week.  We found a realtor that we really clicked with, saw multiple houses within a span of 2 weeks, and ended up loving the very first house we found/saw.  How crazy is that?!  It was completely reasonably priced and is an awesome house! We figured we needed somewhere a little bigger than our 2 bedroom apartment for the twins to run around in.  Signing papers and getting approved for our loan has been a long and tedious process, but it's almost all done and we're very excited!

Here are some pictures of our house to be!  (not our furniture)


The little pond will be turned into a garden, and we will probably redo/paint the fence and deck.  And repaint the whole interior.

So exciting!  Our closing date is the 28th of this month.  We're going to paint the next day and then move in!

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