Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The news of our babies.

We decided to start trying to get pregnant back in October/November, we weren't really trying per se, but rather just not preventing any longer.  We thought that letting nature take its course would take a little longer than it did.  At the beginning of December we discovered we were pregnant!  We were both so very excited.  It was very hard to keep it quiet for a while until we decided to tell everyone.  I actually probably told too many people right off the bat, but I couldn't hold in the excitement!  I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks, and that is when we found out even more exciting news.

We are having twins!  Twins!   The news of this was quite the surprise.  When Jeremy saw the screen with 2 babies, his mouth dropped open and he plopped down in the chair.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and did a mixture of both.  We were so excited and overwhelmed!  We are highly hoping that they are twin boys.  I don't want to raise girls.  I would be ok with having a house full of boys.  Jeremy wants at least one girl.  We had another ultrasound the other day (at 12 weeks), and I know that it is too early, but we were both positive (and the ultrasound tech hinted toward it also)  that we saw boy parts.  Boy parts that were way too distinguishable to later turn in to girl parts.  I know that it could have been a fluke and am not getting my hopes up too high, but the fact that the ultrasound tech noticed it too made me smile real big.  I then did some research and apparently there is a 98% accuracy of determining the sex of a baby at 12 weeks.  But with a baby born about every second, that would be a lot of wrong guesses, which is why they do not tell you the sex until later on, where the odds of them being wrong are even smaller.  One of the twins was doing flips during the ultrasound.  Hyper already.  Awesome.

We also got to hear the heartbeats!  They were so cute.  One of the babies was kicking while we were listening with the doppler.  You could hear him bump against the side of my uterus!  Unfortunately I can't feel them moving yet.  Both of their heartbeats were strong and beating at 153 beats per minute.  They are both the correct size for gestational age.  : )  Doc also said that it is very safe for me to continue running.  Yay!  I was a little worried that I should stop since twins carry a little more risk, but he said as long as I am comfortable, then go for it.  Awesome.  I also described my birth plan, how I want to go all natural and the last thing I want is a C-section, and he was in complete support and said he would do absolutely everything we could to make sure that it does not happen.  This made me feel very relieved, since I had to give up my midwife and was worried that an OB would push me to have an epidural and/or have a c-section.

This is big news to handle, but we are just trying to take it day by day and enjoy watching my belly grow and love the feeling that I am growing two little babies that we created.  Sooo cool to think about, and you don't really think about it all that much until it actually happens.  I'm so very excited to meet them.  Jeremy and I watched a movie about natural births the other day, and to see his face light up every time a baby was born was awesome.  I can't wait to see him the day that our twins come! That is when it will all really begin.  The day those twins make the entrance into the world is the day that our world will get turned upside down and will no longer be all about us.  It will be all about the babies, and I am completely ok with and extremely pumped about that : )

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  1. Love your blog Sarah! It's fun to be excited right along with you guys!