Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Bump.

Well, it finally happened.  Someone who did not already know that I was pregnant noticed that I have a belly!  I have been able to tell for a long while...and close friends have been able to tell pretty quickly as well.  But yesterday was the first time that someone who was not looking for a belly noticed that I had one.  It was very exciting.  I don't know if it's this exciting for everybody, but I was pumped!  It was also kind of awkward because after this person noticed my bump, they continued to squeal and then touch it. It was a little strange.  But at least it wasn't a boy right?  That would be totally weird.  I was walking into Kroger and there were some girl scouts outside selling cookies.  One of the girl scout's mom said to me as I was walking toward the cookies "What kind of cookies would baby like?"  I said, "well, actually, the babIES would like..." and then she flipped out.  She is a midwife, and had apparently just delivered a set of twins at an office call the other day.  So, yeah.  All that just to say how excited I am that somebody I didn't know noticed my belly.

It's so weird to know that 2 little humans growing inside me.  I feel like I have just gotten kind of fat, but then when I actually touch my stomach, it's not squishy and soft like fat is.  It is hard.  So strange feeling.  When I run, it just bounces along.  And when I bend over, it doesn't really move.  I feel like I'm trying to bend over on top of a little basketball.  That will be fun (not) and probably impossible when I'm huge.  I can't feel the babies moving yet, but I am anxiously waiting and very excited for that day.  Jeremy and I often take out my stethoscope and try to listen for their little heartbeats and kicks.  We don't hear anything unfortunately : (  I'll expect to be feeling them move here in the next few weeks.  I have no idea what it will feel like, but it will probably freak me out, and then I'll get really excited.

So we found an ultrasound machine in the NICU where I work the other night...totally pulled it out and got to look at my babies!  It was so cool.  We tried to determine the sex, and thought that we saw something, but none of us really know what we are doing, so I'm not banking on what we saw and will wait for my 20 week ultrasound at the doctors.  The twins were soooo active!  They were both jumping around like crazy and wrestling and hitting each other while we were watching them.  I am so surprised that I can't feel anything yet with how much they are jumping around in there.  I could see all their little toes and fingers and even noses!  So cute.  Both their little hearts are still beating great : )

This is a plate that Jeremy and I painted the other day...haha, we think it's cute.

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