Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well, it's official.  We are now homeowners.  It's been a long and tedious process with loads of paperwork and signatures, but it's done.  It's so crazy!  I can't believe we have our own house!  It's so much fun to pick out colors of paint and different things that we are doing to renovate the house.  We are in the middle of painting, moving all of our junk in, de-wallpapering, putting up new molding, some new lighting, a new kitchen sink and possibly countertops.  That's a lot!  But it's coming together, and it's very exciting.  We have met one of our neighbors, and they are really nice.  When we drove over to the house for our final walk through on a sunday afternoon, most of the people in the neighborhood were just outside talking to each other in the nice weather.  How awesome is that?!  I like friendly neighbors.  The first renovation that we(Jeremy) did?  A cat flap.  Haha!  How funny is that?  There is little "doggie door" if you will, on the door that leads out to our garage that the cats use.  We can now keep their food and litter box out of our house.  It's hilarious to watch them use the thing.

You never know how much junk you store up and actually have until you completely move it from one house to another.  We have gotten rid of so much crap just because it was too much stuff.  Ridiculous.  So many trash bags full of things we got rid of during our packing/moving process.  We are now almost completely unpacked and I have yet to cook a meal in my new kitchen.  We painted a few rooms, moved all of our stuff over from our apartment, and then I went straight into working for 3 nights in a row.  So I have not gotten a chance to do much at all to the house except for sleep in it.  I have the next 4 days off and I am super pumped to get the last of everything unpacked, hang paintings on the walls and cook my first meal in a kitchen that fits more than one person in it. Some say I now need to change the name of my food blog, Little Kitchen, Lovely Food because my kitchen is no longer little.  It is now a good decent medium sized kitchen where Jeremy and I can cook side by side without bumping into one another constantly.  No good blog titles to change it to come to mind.  I am open to suggestions friends.

I will post pictures of all of the rooms of our house as soon as we are done with all of the changes!


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