Saturday, February 5, 2011

06/07/08. Our Wedding!

The first big step we took in "becoming grown-ups" I suppose was getting married.  Here is how that all went down.

The most awesome, and possibly the hottest day of summer '08.  AKA our wedding day.  We are not the type of couple who have a wedding in a huge church with 500 people in the audience.  We are not the type of couple who wear high heels and dress shoes.  We are not the type of couple that has fancy, white, and frilly wedding cakes.

However, we are the type of couple who gets married in the middle of the woods.

We are the type of couple that go barefoot and wear Chuck Taylors for our wedding.

We are the type of couple that has cake batter cookies instead of a wedding cake, and a hebrew Bible for a Groom's cake (Jeremy made that cake, I painted it!).

Other features of our wedding included a reception in the backyard of our dear friend Anne,  Mazatlan buffet for dinner, bird-seed throwing in leu of rice/bubbles, and driving away on our mini motorcycle.  Other than being scorching hot and having all the wedding party and guests sweating like crazy, (sorry if any of you readers were there!)  it was the best day ever.  Here are a few more of our favorite pictures from the day.


  1. okay, the music + the pictures + the excitement of your twins + your awesomely amazing self writing this = the best blog EVER. for real. i am so excited for you! can't wait to see your gorgeous little twinkies! :D hope your pregnancy, labor, and delivery (and beyond) are safe and healthy for you and your babies. <3

  2. I'm glad to finally see pictures of your big day! I remember sweating like a pig (and being pregnant with Charlotte)! It was still really fun and we were so glad to host y'all! I feel like you're my kid who is all grown up now (hence your blog, right?).