Friday, February 4, 2011

A New Adventure; A New Blog

I decided that I was adding too many personal life stories into my food blog.  A food blog is suppose to be about food anyhow.  So I decided to create this blog also so that I have a separate place to write about the happenings in the lives of the Tuckers.  Hello to my future readers, to those who may be interested in more than just my food...I hope you exist!  Although I hope you continue to read/enjoy my food blog as well.  Jeremy will also be making more guest appearances on this blog...writing his own thoughts and perceptions on things.  The title of this blog was created by Jeremy.  It is describing a new chapter in our lives.  Even thought a lot of people think "growing up" is getting married, that didn't really do it for us.  I was still in school, we lived in an apartment, I didn't even turn 21 until after we got married!  It really didn't (and still completely hasn't) set in our minds that we are full blown grown ups.  Sure, we have careers, pay our bills, do taxes and such, but we still feel like kids sometimes.  Well with 2 babies on the way, and while in the middle of buying our first home, grown-up life has started to hit us.  Just a little.  But it's exciting!

Hello and welcome!

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