Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pregnancy #2, Baby #3

I feel a little bad that I haven't been documenting this pregnancy as much as the first.  I'm 37 weeks now and this is the first that I am really writing about it.  This pregnancy has been a bit different than my first.  Obviously, the biggest difference is that I'm only growing 1 baby this time, instead of 2!

Check out these belly pictures:

This one was taken when I was 34 weeks along with the boys.

And this one was taken last week, at 36 weeks with our single baby #3.

Even though i'm a couple weeks ahead of where I was with the boys in this latest picture, I am definitely not as big as I was with them.  

People constantly ask me if I'm having twins.  Or if I'm way past my due date.  People are hilarious.  The things they say to pregnant women are hilarious.  If I were someone who took offense easily, I might be offended sometimes.  But I find it humorous.  

"You must be overdue!" 

"Are you sure there is only 1 baby in there?"

"your belly is sooo big! You could not possibly get any bigger."

"I bet you're ready for that to be over with!" 

And my replies (AKA things I say on a daily basis):  

"It's just 1 baby in there"

"My 40 week due date is in a few weeks, but I'm considered full term now, so it could be anytime."

"yes, I know my belly is enormous, but I was even bigger when I was pregnant with my twins"

"yes I'm ready to meet my baby, but I actually enjoy being pregnant, and am enjoying these last few days/weeks that I have with my baby inside me."  

What can I say?  I grew 2 babies the first time body knows what to do and how to grow to make room for a baby or 2.  

This pregnancy has been similar and different to my first.  

Similar things:  
-No sickness/nausea/vomiting
-Really tired during the 1st trimester
-craving orange juice & spicy things

Different things:
-I can feel a lot more movement from this baby.   I guess since there is only one, he/she has more room to move.  With the boys, they were so squished they didn't have much room to flip and flop a lot.  
-Some heartburn
-Not near as much weight gain
-started showing a bigger belly earlier, but overall not quite as big
-craving anything coconut
-WE Don't know the gender!
-planning a home birth

I'm 37 weeks now, which is technically full term, and am very excited at the prospect of meeting this little babe here very soon!  I've been having tons of Braxton-Hicks contractions, but nothing that shows true labor is starting yet.  My 40 week due date is November 5th, but I hope to go into labor around 38/39 weeks on my own.  We are planning a home birth with an awesome midwife who has 30+ years experience with delivering babies at home.  

The nursery is just about complete, co-sleeper is set up on our bed, car seat is in the car, all our supplies for our home birth are sitting out ready to go, and our birth pool is here and ready. 

We're ready to meet you baby!   

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