Sunday, October 26, 2014


So yes, we're planning a home birth this time.  And I'm soooo excited about it.  Having the boys in the hospital was such an awful experience, that we have decided on having this baby at home, with a midwife that we trust.  I know that this is sometimes a hot and debated topic, so I won't throw all of my opinions on the topic at you right now, but just know that I've done my research, and lots of it. I know the facts, risks, and benefits, and I am completely comfortable with my decision to birth at home.  There are plenty of risks and benefits that come along with a hospital births as well. 

People think I'm crazy.  Maybe I am.  But I'm excited.  
Here are some different reactions that we get from people when we tell them we're doing this birth at home.  All of these have actually been said to my face, at least once.  

"Wow, you're brave."

"Ha, well good luck with that!"

"With no pain medicine? You're crazy!"

"I think that's really awesome, and wish I would have done that."

"Yeah...that's not very smart.  You should rethink that." 

"How does that work?"

"Aren't you scared something is going to go wrong?"

I'm not scared.  I'm excited.  I feel very at peace with my decision to birth at home, and so does Jeremy.  Should either of us have felt any differently at any point, I wouldn't do it.   

I know something could go wrong.  There is that teeny possibility.  But I also know that something could go wrong in the hospital, and there is more of a possibility of that.  My opinion is that today's modern medicine intervenes in the birthing process way too much when it's not needed.  I am very thankful for maternal-fetal medicine  as I have worked with it first hand in the hospital.  I am thankful that we have access to that type of medicine and interventions when it is really needed.  I'm also thankful that in most situations, women are allowed to choose what kind of birth they'd like to have, whether it be in or out of the hospital, medicated or natural, vaginal or cesarean.     

I'm excited.  Have I mentioned that already?  I cannot wait.  All of our home birth supplies are out and ready to go.  We've picked up our birth pool, and have everything ready for that.  Midwife is officially on call for labor.   Just waiting on baby now!

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear."

haha, Got to love Jim Gaffigan!  Home birth daddy x4.

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