Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Happens When Toys Go Down the Garbage Disposal

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a wooden toy in a garbage disposal?

Neither had I, until today.

See, now that the boys have a play kitchen and play food, they think that real food and their toy food are interchangeable when playing.  I think that they think that they are helping us, but while preparing dinner or washing dishes, the boys always blindly throw their toy food up onto the counter, sink, table, etc.    Usually I  see the food before it could get knocked into the sink's garbage disposal, but the cucumber wasn't so lucky this time.

I turned on my garbage disposal this morning, I heard a whizz and then a dull sound-something was caught in the blades...I turned it off, reached down and pulled out 3 pieces of the wooden toy cucumber.  

I was actually very impressed with Melissa & Doug and their wooden toys.  The garbage disposal gave the cuke a couple dents and scrapes, but nothing to major!  

That carrot in the crate below?  It's missing.  Like...I think the boys threw it in the garbage because it's no where in our house.  Because they now know what we mean when we say "go put that in the trash" or "go throw that away",  we occasionally catch them throwing one or two of their toys in the trash.

Oh and I don't think I ever posted a photo here of the (mostly) finished play room.  Some of the beadboard on the wall is not all the way finished, but that's about it.   
 Since Christmas this year, the play room contents have grown quite a bit.  

They have a new table and chair set, hot wheels wall track, a couple ride on toys, and of course...
The play kitchen.

This is my favorite.  As annoying as it is to clean my house everyday, I actually enjoy putting the kitchen back to sorts.  Organizing the food in the fridge, arranging the pots and pans, putting away the dishes, etc.  I wanted to get the boys a play kitchen ever since they started demanding to see and be a part of everything that happened on the counters above their heads.  I thought that if they have their own, they could do that while I made dinner.  It has worked so far!  They like this thing.  And even though most of the time what they are trying to cook are hot wheels cars, they still have lots of fun with it.

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