Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Road Trip; Asheville, NC.

driving toward those mountains!!!

A couple weeks ago, my friend Katrina and I took the boys on a trip to Asheville, NC.  Katrina is my travel buddy.  We took trips together often before I had the boys, and now we just take them with us!  I've always heard how cool of a city Asheville is.  We thought we'd go for a few days, to see the city as well as the mountains surrounding it.  

The first full day we were there, it was rainy and chilly.  We decided to brave the mountains for a hike despite the weather.  We traveled a couple of miles uphill, in the rain and fog to get the the top of Mt. Pisgah.  The drive was a little scary.  As the picture shows above, that's as far ahead of us that we could see.

The view from the top of the mountain was pretty awesome!
The boys weren't huge fans of this hike, so it didn't last quite as long as we had planned, but we hiked a couple of miles anyway.

These are a fwe before and after pictures:  We're all a little wetter and colder than prior to the hike, and our kiddos got switched half way through the trek. 

We had lunch in the back of the car.

This is where the boys slept for naps and at night.  I decided to not bring our pack and play and just put them on the extra bed.  They were so cute!  They would always stay pretty close to each other.  We covered the floors around the bed with pillows and thick blankets.  We only had 1 roll off!  Little Judah hit the pillowed floor one night.  He just cried for a few seconds and then went right back to sleep.

Our second hiking day was much better liked by all.  It was still pretty chilly, but the bright sunshine made up for it.  This area that we hiked in were some of the same spots where they filmed the movie HUNGER GAMES.  The whole movie was actually filmed in and around Ashville.  We saw the hotel where the actors stayed and ate at some of the same places they did.

The boys were such good little hikers!  They walked a whole lot more of the trail than I was expecting them to, even uphill in some parts.  They were pretty impressive!

We took a snack break on some rocks near the river. (Don't worry-we found Foxx's missing shoe in this photo!)

At the Early Girl Eatery (delicious, by the way), they had a bucket of toys ready for the boys to play with while we waited for our food!

These are some photos of the foods we ate.  Food is Asheville was pretty awesome.  They had a lot of different types of little restaurants.  Pictured above:  Breakfast from our Bed & Breakfast//Chips & Roasted Tomatillo Salsa//Tofu & Veggie Pom Pom Pom//Tofu Quesadillas//Sweet Potato & Black Bean cakes with Cucumber Salad.

We saw this in downtown Asheville.  Katrina ran behind it with the boys and held them up for a photo.

This was also downtown.  It's a coffee shop inside of this double decker bus!  The coffee making was on the first floor and all the bus seats were made into little tables.  It was awesome!

A lot of people stopped and talked to us, the same that always happens when I take the boys out, but I think that most people thought that Katrina and I were lesbians and the boys were our children.  haha!

We had lots of fun!

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