Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Funny Things

The boys have been pretty awesome, and hilarious lately.  

Take this photo for instance:

Foxx has outsmarted our baby gate on the stairs.  If he really wants to attempt a climb at the stairs, he will climb through the railings of the stairway.  He was so proud of himself once he got through too.

Little Judah has learned to clap, and it's probably the cutest thing ever.

But maybe not quite as cute as this (and I wish I had video):

Baby boys playing peekaboo with each other in the curtains, and laughing hysterically about it.

And finally, possibly the funniest thing yet on this list...

Judah figured out how to take his diaper off, did it underneath the table and when I found him, he started laughing hysterically and when I tried to grab him, he crawled away.  I was laughing sooo hard.  Luckily, he didn't leave us any surprises on the floor : )

Love my hilarious little baby boys!  

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1 comment:

  1. We use the BG diapers too and have to limit the use of our hook and loop diapers. My girls will take them right off and have taken off a few "yucky" diapers when we weren't looking. They can even take them off under their jammies! Fortunately, most of our diapers are snap...thank goodness! We save the hook and loop for when they are snug inside their pants!

    Adorable photos!