Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Very Scary Thing Happened Today!

I went and played in a soccer game this afternoon.

When I was finished and on my way home, I expected to come home to 2 little healthy and happy baby boys who would be bouncing up down with huge smiles on their faces when they see me walk in the door.

I did indeed come home to that.

But I could have came home to something very tragic, had things gone a little differently today.

As I said above, I was out playing a soccer game today.  Jeremy stayed at the house with the boys.  The boys are now crawling, and are going all over the place.  We have been careful to keep our floors pretty clean, at least free of anything that they could stick into their mouths.  Well, today, sneaky little Judah made it into the kitchen while Jeremy wasn't looking.  

Jeremy heard a scream from the other room, and came running to find Judah choking on something, gasping for air.  He opened Judah's mouth to look for the object, but couldn't see anything.  

He did the baby heimlich, (Turn Judah over, whack his back till the lodged object comes out), that didn't work, Judah was still choking.  Jeremy was freaking out and didn't know what else to do, so he turned Judah facing him, and did a modified heimlich, pushing on Judah's stomach, thinking it may make him throw up, and in turn throw up the object that he was choking on.  This did in fact make little Judah vomit, but it didn't dislodge anything.  He was still choking.  Jeremy frantically looked around for our bulb syringe to suction, but couldn't find it.  He then ran upstairs to get a flash light (his Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver, actually, haha).  With this light, he was able to see the object at the back of Judah's throat, and it was up far enough for him to safely grab it. 

oh. my. gosh.

This could have turned out real bad.  Had Jeremy not taken the actions that he did, who knows what might have happened.  911 may or may not have helped.  Sure the dispatcher would probably know how to instruct Jeremy on how to do baby heimlich, but he had already done it, to no avail.  An ambulance wouldn't have gotten there in time, and he wouldn't have gotten to an ER in time.  I'm not even going to say what could have easily happened, because it will make me cry.  It turns my stomach so much thinking about the whole thing.

Lesson learned:  Even if you think your floors are clean, babies will find a bite-sized-invisible-to-adults piece of plastic.  Baby boys can not be left alone for even a few seconds.  If they crawl to the other room. FOLLOW THEM IMMEDIATELY.

We're so very thankful that things didn't turn out badly, and that we still have little Judah here with us.

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