Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Miss My Morning Sleep.

This is how are mornings used to happen:

Babies wake up, start talking in their crib around 6:00 or 6:30 am.

Jeremy or I goes and gets them, and brings them into bed with us.

We all snuggle together.

Babies fall back asleep with us for another hour or so.

We all wake up happy and rested with an extra hour of sleep.

And this is how are mornings have been happening lately:

Babies wake up at 5:00 am, and start yelling in their crib (not crying, but actually yelling).

Jeremy and I goes and gets them, and brings them into bed with us.

Babies crawl around the bed, smacking/kicking us in the face, laughing and yelling some more.

We all get up and go downstairs.

It's not even light outside yet.

Why so dang early boys?!

We make coffee and get on with our day, which now starts at 5 am apparently.

The only thing that makes getting up that early everyday is how happy the boys are when they wake up.  I need to bring the camera upstairs with us to get a picture of their smiles when they see us after they first wake up.  They'll be sitting there in there crib talking to each other, and when one of us walks in, they will start smiling, jumping and laughing like crazy.  It's hilarious to watch how excited they get, just because they are awake and have the opportunity for a new day.

I should be that excited every day.  I should be excited that not only do I have another day to live, but another day to spend with my awesome little family.  I do a lot of complaining sometimes, but I need to stop. I need to just remember that if my babies can be without a single worry first thing on a new day, then so can I.  I'll try to wake up everyday with a huge smile on my face.  
But I'll probably still need my coffee first.

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1 comment:

  1. sounds like us. I found out bringing a book into the bed let my son cuddle quietly again, or playing music off my android phone. This gave us the needed quasi sleep in the bed.