Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Movie, Colds, and Sleepers.

Sorry I have been gone for a while ya'll.  I had a stretch of 4 days in a row working (and when those are 12 hour shifts, that's a long 4 days), so I've been pretty much working, taking care of babies, working out with Jillian Micheals (she's kicking my butt, by the way), and sleeping, and therefore not leaving much time for the blogs.  But now I have 7 days straight off from work, which I'm super pumped about.

We were able to get away one night after the boys went to bed a few days ago and we went to see the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  
I read the famous trilogy, and Jeremy and I watched the swedish versions of all 3 films, so we were interested to see how this one would turn out.  We were pretty impressed with the swedish films.  Good acting, true to the story, etc.  We like Daniel Craig, and thought he would work well as the supporting actor in the new movie, and he did.  Rooney Mara was chosen to play Lisbeth, and she played the role perfectly.  The movie was very good, and I'm excited for the final 2 to come out!

In other news, I'm the only one in our house who hasn't gotten sick recently.  Baby boys and Jeremy are all trying to get over a little cold.  Poor little guys have snot and phlegm pouring out of them.  Foxx doesn't even act like he's sick...he's as happy as can be...with a cough and snot all over his face and all.  Judah is just a little cranky, but not really all that bad.  Foxx's cold is almost completely gone now, and Judah's still working on it.  A Vix vaporizer, and the little blue suction bulb have been our best friends as of late.  

Also unrelated to anything else in this post, we are trying to see if the boys will sleep in sleepers now instead of swaddle blankets...they are getting sort of big for the swaddles and wiggle their way out of them every night anyway, so we thought it may be time to drop them.  They are doing ok, its just occasionally they will move so much in their sleep that one will be kicking the other, or they will roll over in their sleep and wake themselves up.  That's only happened a few times, and I think they are getting more used to it now.  Plus, sleepers are super cute.  

Going up and getting our boys out of bed, whether it be from a nap or in the morning after a good night's sleep is one of my favorite times of the day, because they will always greet you with a huge smile.  They've rested, they're happy to see you, and they're ready to play.  It makes getting up early sooo much better.  I mean, who wouldn't love to get up early and play with these little dudes?!

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