Monday, January 16, 2012


We just need to stop a minute and look at all these laughs and smiles that Judah and Foxx have decided to grace us with:

They have been soooo much fun lately.  All they do is smile and laugh all. the. time.  It's awesome.  They love hugs.  They love raspberries on their bellies.  They love getting scared by us saying "boo!".  They love playing peekaboo.  They love seeing us after waking up in the mornings and after naps.  They love playing with their cars.  They love talking to each other.  They love rocking in the recliner chair.  They love baths.  They love people!

They give smiles to everyone now.  When we go to Target or Costco or out anywhere, people are always so excited because first of all, they're twins, and secondly, they smile like crazy at new people.  It's super cute!

We're so extremely blessed to be able to hang out with these guys every day!!!

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