Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I read about this seasonal photo challenge here and decided to join in!  It's called Thanks Squared and it is a challenge to take 1 photo a day for the whole month of November of something that you are thankful for.

Here are the rules of the project:

1.  Use a camera phone.  (so that the focus is on the object, and so that it's a "square"). Well, my phone quite possibly takes the worst pictures ever, and half the time it doesn't even work, so I'm going to use my point-and-shoot camera. K? k.  I didn't even take this photo.  this awesome girl did.  I've broken so many rules already.

2.  Write a one line caption to go along with the photo.

3.  Tag the photo to twitter @thanks² with the tag "thanksq+the number of the day of the month"
                  -e.g. #thanksq01

*If you don't have a twitter account, post it to the Facebook group wall here.

Here is my first day photo:

I am so very thankful for my healthy, growing, adorable little boys!

**(did you expect to see something other than my twins!?)

It'll be something entirely different tomorrow.  


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