Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanks² Day 04

I am thankful for my car.

Ok, so I know it may be stupid for me to be thankful to my car, but really, I am.  Some people don't have a car.  I have been blessed enough to have one, so I am thankful.  Once our boys got here, we traded my little Yaris in for this Mazda 5.  Let me just talk about this Mazda for a second.  It's like a cross between a mini-van and a station wagon.  Now, if you had been reading this blog from the beginning, you may remember a post that Jeremy wrote about how much he hates mini-vans and how he refuses to ever get one (maybe someday we will get that VW bus).  This is a mini-van-esque car that he approves of!  That's pretty hard to come by.  I've gotten a lot of comments on it, and people say it's the coolest "mom car" ever.  It's a manual, which I love, because it's fun to drive and I can get better gas mileage with it.  

There's plenty of room for the boys seats, and also room for all their stuff that we need to take places with us when we go places.  It also fits our double stroller nicely, where as my other car would not hold it at all.  There are 2 back seats so that the boys are not the only people who can ride with us, and will come in handy for our future children also!  

Whoa.  future children.  I just got a little overwhelmed.  

I'm over it.  We'll have more for sure! (not any time soon though!)

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